Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is my week's entry for Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday. See her super blog for details, collages, her fun pictures of a seagull and links to other Shadow Shotters.
I was on my way to a swanky lunch yesterday with an elusive blogger and was walking through Madison Square Park when I came upon this enchanting barefoot child playing beneath the shadowy trees.


  1. Beautiful image! I always love your sassy shadows of New York. And thanks for the sweet mention! Hope you enjoyed your swanky lunch with your blogger buddy :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I am originally from New York but have lived most of my life in Southern California. Your pictures brought back good memories.

  3. I love this shot! Especially with the cute little girl. I trust you had a good time on your lunch date.


  4. Now that is a nice shot. Lovely neutrals. Frame worthy!!!

  5. Child? I think a forest pixie....look at how absorbed she is, in her own private child's world....I see that same absorption in my daughter, still, from time to time (even though she is a teen now...).

    You've captured a rare and beautiful composition with this photo, Elizabeth.

  6. what a beautiful shot - a perfect capture of a child's world

  7. Dear all!
    I was thrilled to get this picture.
    The little girl was right in the middle of a very busy city but might have been a forest sprite in a fairy tale as Lavinia suggests.

    I'm so glad her parents let her take her shoes off - though of course one worries about glass and dog muck. Fuss fuss.
    Go to Ali's blog(see her comment below) for more children in nature.

  8. That is just beautiful! I love seeing children in their own little world! Thanks for sharing that one!!!

  9. oooh but do tell us more about lunch with the elusive blogger!


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