Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking Up

Went for a walk yesterday afternoon in west Chelsea towards the Hudson. a brilliant blue sky and lovely white clouds.
Manhattan is pretty much a vertical city - so one inevitably looks up.
Here the cross streets of 10th Avenue and 24th.

This new building is going to have an elevator inside so people can bring their CARS up to their floor with them.
I'm not quite sure what to make of this - except to think some people must have absurd amounts of money. They will also have views of the Hudson River.

A wonderful modern building - all glass and reflections.
Yesterday west New York was in the direct flight path to LaGuardia or maybe Kennedy.

Blue skies over 11th Avenue in the gallery district.

The Good Humor man - with traditional truck and uniform.
Too hard to resist.


  1. It's really fun to see the contrast in your studies of Marrakesh and New York.

  2. That Good Humor man is adorable! Who wouldn't want an icecream bar from him??

  3. Elizabeth, what's the name of this stunning glass building. I might have read of it in an architecture magazine a while back. I've always wanted to see it when in New York.

  4. I had no idea that Good Humor Ice Cream was still around...I'm blown away. This is a memory from childhood, five decades ago. What do you know!

    I enjoyed going with you on your walk through the vertical city (love that description)...the skies are indeed blue and the buildings indeed tall.

  5. Elizabeth, thank you for taking us on this tour of NY. I just love it! :)

  6. I like to look up in the city. ;-)


  7. Wow....a sky almost as blue as Moroco's!


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