Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm sure all of you who work at home or are remotely creative know the drill.
There are so many things that prevent one from actually getting down to work.
There is the standard cup of tea..........

............the sofa to sit on............

..........the early morning light falling just so. Robert's drawings of people in Djemma elFna above........

His table waiting for him him to get to work. He is much more disciplined than me.

As a last resort one can look out of the window. I do that a lot.
At about 7 yesterday evening there was a rainbow behind the Empire State Building.

From the side window, I can look down at people on the little path that runs between 23rd and 24th Streets.
I can write blogs. I can do all sorts of things.
What do you do when trying to avoid writing - or whatever it is you think you ought to be doing?


  1. Very intrigued with the people walking above the couch. Are they sketches? A study?

  2. Your window view is lovely!

    I know...I tend to do the same thing. I water my plants, search though books for a forgotten phrase, file my nails, flip through a magazine, put the tea kettle on. I can be very productive avoiding my productivity.

  3. Read blogs, haha!

    Or browse books on amazon.
    Make tea.
    Stare out the window.
    The list could go on...

    Love the Empire State Building shot.

  4. Jennifer is right, read blogs. I thought that I might paint this morning here at the gallery. Oh well. Maybe later.
    It is good to be able to check in on friends once in a while.
    Love Robert's drawings!!!!
    Looks like there is room for some of that color that you are missing.

  5. Good gosh, if I had that view, I wouldn't never be able to work! A rainbow behind the Empire State Building. It doesn't get any better than that!

  6. I love those drawings!

    I read blogs and books and magazines. I clean. I snack. I paint my toenails. I browse Etsy.

    I am a master procrastinator.

  7. I hover!!!
    I know that is a strange thing but it is always what I do to avoid doing other stuff at home.I find it hard to sit still!

    Those drawins are amazing.

  8. Oh I find plenty of things...rearranging a few books on the shelves, snipping dead flowers off the plants on the patio, watering the front planter bed, petting the cat, making some toast to go with my tea....the list is endless!

    Love the views out the window, and particularly in the photo showing Robert's table waiting for him.

  9. I find the house with the modern facade and the airoplane very fascinating.
    Well, if I don't want to start work, I read blogs, hug the dog, google around, eat something... endless list...

  10. Tea and books, a good movie, a magazine, more tea...and procrastination becomes almost an art ;)
    But with a view like New York...I would be walking the streets for inspiration :)
    Great photos!

  11. Well if I lived in that enviroment I'd surely not get anything done! Especially with such views from the windows. Very very very I sit here looking out my window at my neighbours very uninteresting carport...

  12. oooh, E, the place is looking inviting. Robert's drawings are particularly fab. Lucky me that I got to see them in real life!!


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