Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday on Long Island

Father's Day and we head out to Long Island.
On the way to family party, we stop by a friend's house.
June is wonderful for Long Island gardens - or in fact pretty much all gardens in the northern hemisphere.

Her house is a treasure trove of things to delight the eye.
Here a tray of shells and beach things and pine cones.

And an old clock near some Chinese figurines..........

My friend's latest scheme is to buy up lots of tea cup and saucers and art vases and so on and sell them on e-bay.
This seems like a lot of work to me.
She says because I'm English I could give little talks on the art of giving tea parties. She once had me give a talk on English flower arranging. I am her English resource.
But so many charming cups all together all at once.................

She also has a wonderful collection of Long Island paintings and Audabon prints.
So lovely to visit all these things to enjoy them. Our own space very minimal indeed.


  1. The first photo of the little red house looks so much like Norway :-)

  2. I love that particular Audabon print. And I also have a few of those little Chinese figures. Fun to see her delightful treasures.

  3. Your friend has some wonderful collections

  4. Oh, I had great fun looking at your friend's goodies, especially that table of tea cups. Of course, I enlarged the photo and studied all of them. My favorite is the fluted, striped white one in the upper corner.

  5. Those teacups are very sweet. A freind of mine collects teacups/saucers & is over-the-top mad for them. She would never part with hers on Ebay. I think that's where she scores most of hers :)


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