Saturday, June 14, 2008

London Details

Our friend Roger has restored his wonderful 1849 house with perfect attention to period colors and details. You can see "Victoria Villas" picked out in faded black paint over the front door.

In the kitchen, the big window throws light onto an inadvertent still life.

In the traditional garden (gasp a big garden in a city!) a blue bench hides behind the lavender bush and the pink roses.

In the street behind Roger's all the houses are painted different colors. I liked the blue one. And there was a Moroccan coral one and a successful yellow.
The two lilac ones weren't quite so wonderful - when I'm in charge of the world, I will reserve that color only for flowers.

There is something I like about this very quiet classical color scheme.


  1. That blue is so pretty on the house. Love the cast iron pickets!

    Thanks for adding me to this blog roll.

  2. Lilac only for flowers. Haha! That blue house is very sweet. I hope next door to it is the yellow house. They'd look so cute side by side :)

  3. What lovely pictures. The blue bench in the garden is charming! :)

  4. You find beauty everywhere Elizabeth.

    The blue bench has the same colour as my garden furniture :-)

  5. I enjoy seeing photos from England on your New York post - LOL! That still life with pears is a beautiful composition, but my favorites are all the blue!

  6. Lovely photos, as are the ones below, too.



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