Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday and a Street Fair

Venetian blinds..........

.......and the laundry basket.

A Street Fair on 8th Avenue.
All the usual sort of things - the best is the Asian backrubs $10 for 10 minutes.
The little dog reminded me a bit of the late great Skippy.

A bad photo but always rather exciting to walk down the middle of what is usually a very busy road.
Have a lovely Sunday.
We are going up the Hudson to help our son work in his garden.


  1. Very your SSS pics! The color is very pleasing to the eye. Great shots!

    As always, I enjoy your pictures of NY and all it has to offer! :)

  2. Just catching up with the last few posts. We've had 4 different sets of visitors in the last week. Another couple arriving tonight. Crazy.

    Your blogs are so different. I wish I could see them side by side. Photos of a day spent in a bazaar in Marrakesh vs. a day spent at a street fair in New York. Or the shots of 8th Ave. vs. your lane in Marrakesh....

    Wonderful shadow shots.

  3. Oh such wonderful shadow shots again! Love the look of that Fair. & the sound of those backrubs! The little doggy is cute. My dog would love to go to a Fair!

    Happy gardening :)

  4. The street fair looks like a lot of fun.

    Hope your day of gardening was enjoyable.

  5. this shot!! Now you are giving me lots of inspiration on SSS :)

  6. I like the blinds! Something soothing about them! The street fair looks fun.

  7. The light is so different in NY, isn't it......

  8. Very effective SSS..lovely warm glow through those blinds :)

  9. Terrific shadows! Like the detail on those shots....
    As for the street fair..people congregating just like Morocco in a colourful kaleidoscope....minus the beautiful Moroccan slippers...


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