Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bridges, a Tunnel and Storage

One of the dreary sides of modern life is the accumulation of stuff.
By stuff I mean books and linens and photographs and notebooks and sketches.
Where to put it? In storage of course.
Our storage locker was on Long Island and when we went to collect it we had to leave Manhattan.

The Midtown tunnel is exciting - rather like a very very long men's room - all that white tile........

Where to take all the stuff when we had emptied the locker? Rockland County which meant crossing the Throgs Neck Bridge and then the Tappan Zee Bridge...........which gave us an amazing view over the Hudson River. In Rockland County we loaded up with more, different junk, which we had stored at our son's house.

On the way back to Manhattan we crossed the George Washington Bridge with its bold architecture.

The apartment is now full of bicycles and boxes and once familiar objects, now new again.
I rather wish that things were like food and got really moldy and had to be thrown away - instead of mildly smelly.
But how can one possibly dispose of one's childrens' art work?
One's great grandparents' editions of Dickens?
It's very hard trying to become a minimalist.


  1. Love the tunnel photos! At first glance they looked something wasn't right. Then I realised it was because you guys drive on the opposite side of the road to where I am. Phew! Glad to know you weren't driving through the tunnel on the wrong side of the road ;)

  2. The family pieces are the hardest.

    Loved both the bridge & tunnel shots

  3. Yes I sympathise with that. It is so hard to get rid of sentimental things that, without the sentiment, are rubbish!! I have loads of 'art' that the children made when they were younger and I can't part with it. However I've already forgotton who did which picture!
    A photo for X? Any suggestions?!

  4. I feel comfortable with my "thing" about me. Like a nest.

    Thrilling photos. I got claustrophobic looking at the tunnel!

  5. Amusing analogy --- the tunnel and the men's room....

    Ah, yes, minimalism...a worthy goal that I always fall short of.

    Take heart, Elizabeth...its really really tough to do....and maintain.

  6. LOL! It IS hard trying to be a minimalist. ;-)


  7. My husband confidently informs me that I have crossed the Tappan Zee bridge. It was the day we went to Sleepy Hollow, apparently.

    Ugh. We have a lot of moving and reclaiming to do as well. Wedding presents that I never even got to take out of the box, including adorable Wedgwood Harlequin teacups and saucers...

  8. Re: Sentimental stuff. One family that had owned a Louisiana plantation for centuries, (and NEVER got rid of ANYTHING) were so luck. The US Department of Parks bought everything, the house, all the contents and the property.
    In the early 1960 the family had one last breakfast in the kitchen, washed up, and walked out the door as the park services walked in and began to catalogue everything.
    The family can go back anytime and see all the household items as the USDPS will not disgard anything. There will nevere be feuds between family members for momentos,and no worry about keeping up the place either.

    Wish the USDPS was interested in my 13 year old Texas house.

    By the might consider photographing the kid's art work digitally, so it can be shared with future generations while the original eventually crumbles away. If you really, really love a piece, color copy it on acid free paper.

  9. good call - digitally save the artwork. or frame the best and use it as decoration. and i'll take your grandparent's dickens.


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