Sunday, January 4, 2009

Midtown/Shadowshot Sunday

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I always get a bit mopey the day people are leaving.
A brisk walk helps.
Fun to let others set the route. So we hiked up to 5th Avenue to look for stuff to put on Ugg boots.
Here on 7th Avenue the bright sun throws window shadows on buildings opposite.

Also on 7th Avenue, a curved window makes fun distortions.

A very tall building indeed. The Empire State Building from 5th Avenue. Lots of tourists waiting behind ropes in the cold.

Amidst the soullessness of concrete, a photographer awaits the arrival of a wedding party.

This last picture has nothing to do with anything except we went into a tourist gift shop to get something for A.'s nephew and Lady Liberty was dangling in the window. See Sponge Bob lower right. The real Lady Liberty always looks a bit fierce and masculine to me. This one has a cetain sweetness.


  1. Now that's some cool shots there, love the shadow and yes..Lady Liberty is so sweet too, definitely look much different from the one I am starring at the book here :D

  2. Looks like you're having a pretty day. I find weather to be a good mood lifter.

  3. Ah my dear Elizabeth, I know exactly how you feel. My family already left and I was mopey for a few days...but like one of my friends told me-don't "cry" because it's over, smile because it happened.

    That notion and a good walk does wonders for me.


  4. Love the shadows on the building. I like Lady Liberty. ;-)


  5. Oh, what a lovely visit I had scrolling down your page and the previous one too! I lived on 18th Street and First Avenue for 33 of my 61 years. I love New York, though I miss the idea of the city more than living there since I was already home-bound by the time I left and it's nicer (except for the lack of delivery) to be home-bound here, I think. But I ramble. Wonderful photos of New York's beautiful sights and shadows. Happy New Year and Happy soon to be birthday.

  6. love brick buildings!!

    I so miss walking around NYC. Here in NJ you have to drive to a town that has sidewalks if you want a urban feeling

    your photos are wonderful!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    A walk is always a good idea.
    I have just looked through lots of your posts and will be back to look at more. Great photos. I like the little cute Statue of liberty!

  8. Wow! That's a brilliant photo of the Empire State.

    I felt down when my daughter and her boyfriend left last week, too. Nice fresh air always brightens the spirits.

  9. Elizabeth, I so enjoy your shots of NY. THANKS :)

  10. Ha! what a nostalgic shots! Been in NYC last summer and am quite fascinated of the city.

    Love all the shots. Lady Liberty is cute compare to the Old one *wink


  11. I love these inspiring.Wish I could be up the Empire State building again..or walk along 5th Ave!

  12. My husband is a native New Yorker..lovely shots...

  13. Super shadows! I like the first the best I think, but all great.

  14. You mention Ugg Boots! They were invented in Australia (also the name) and there was a big court case about trade practices over them recently. Love the shots.

  15. Thanks for the daily stroll through the streets of the the city. I love the shadows and Miss Liberty!


  16. My family dragged me kick'n and screamin' to Manhattan a while back, and then...they had to drag me back home kick'n and screamin'. I was smitten.

    On our last visit, I got pick-pocketed, but I never let it phase me. I'm just a farm girl from Iowa, but I love, love your beautiful city-shadows and all!

  17. What great pictures..Looks like a good walk and does help when we feel a bit down..Happy SSS..

  18. Elizabeth!!
    Happy New Year! Hope all is going well - love the first pic, as well as the building and the beautiful blue sky!
    Haven't read the book yet....dying to, but my daughter insists that she needs to finish the one she's reading now before we get to that one - aughhh!! Hope you've sold lots of copies!
    Karla & Karrie too

  19. It just amazes me how closely they build these buildings, every inch has it's day!

    Have a great week!


  20. A sharp blue sky and an invigorating walk certainly blow the cobwebs away!

    (Your book sounds most intriguing. Will investigate soon.)

  21. I always enjoy your walks around your cool city. LOVE that photo of the Empire State Building! The Lady Liberty is very cute. What a sweet find.

    Happy 2009 to you Elizabeth :)

  22. About the west side-- is that like going to LA's South Central?

    A walk is a good way to get out of the mopes.

  23. Funny that the glass and aluminum buildings in Chelsea are reflecting light back on their older weightier neighbors.

    Their whole appeal was supposed to be that they reflected their neighbors.

  24. lovely shadow shots, but it's that last one that made me say, wait a minute.... seriously, does anyone actually buy them? i've never been one for knick knacks or useless items myself. someone had to design that little doll. LOL

  25. Elizabeth - I'm enjoying your photos much - the shadows on the buildings and the storefronts especially. I hope you don't mind I'm putting the word to some of my fellow New Yorkophile friends about your site as well as Paz'z and Hey Harriet.
    ...and happy birthday!
    - Tom

  26. This Lady Liberty looks a bit hedge-hoggy to me.

    Great photos! I love that perspective of the Empire State Building.


  27. I love that photo of the Empire State building! What a classic structure it is!


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