Monday, January 5, 2009


Samuel Johnson famously said that if you are bored of London you are bored of life.
 The same applies to Manhattan. 
Never a dull moment -- which is rather nice if you are a quiet, boring person.
Everyone else is out and about doing things....
This mural is from last Friday's visit to East 9th Street.

Whacky haircuts can be had in the west 30's.

Food -  and lots of it  - available everywhere. Here on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street.

This is part of the wedding party alluded to yesterday. Seen on Saturday January 3rd.
An auspicious day -- our 33rd wedding anniversary.
Note the wonderful color of the dresses.
Purple the 'it' color this season.

A little putto, or angel, looks down on us all from above a door in the 30's.
At least I hope he does.......


  1. Happy anniversary Elizabeth - I am sure that little putto is a good omen. I am getting to enjoy New York through your eyes.

  2. Hello Elizbeth, I think that Samuel Johnson's comment can be applied to most places/experiences...I tell my children (they're getting older now), if you're bored that means your boring (-yourself, that is.)Think interesting thoughts! We also just had our 28th wedding anniversary on Jan 3. I came over from Willow's House blog to see the lively streets of New York. Such life. Such fun.

  3. I am so looking forward to reading A Fortunate Child!

    Happy Anniversary!! We will celebrate 32 this summer.

  4. Happy anniversary - I love the shots when you shoot through windows to the inside - just that piece of glass seperating two worlds..

  5. Gorgeous shots as usual- I LOVE your N.Y.- purple - I even wear it when I should be wearing cream or beige or some subdued hue. If I had a better shaped head I would get a side ways hair cut, I would!
    I am loving such colourful expressions...on some one other than that old lady in my mirror.

  6. Thanks to Willow, I ordered your book today!!! I can't wait!!

    Happy Monday to you!

  7. ooh, just saw the new one. I ordered The Three Graces!!

  8. Congratulations on your 33rd wedding anniversary. We celebrate our 22nd later this month. And many happy returns for your around-now birthday, too. My goodness, you're prolific and I've ordered this book, too. What a start to the new year for you!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you!
    I love these shots..thats one thing I remember about New York - the food..its just everywhere and mostly gorgeous too!
    I agree with you,you cannot be bored in NYC!
    Regards from Ireland

  10. Wow 33 years, well done!

    Happy Anniversary.

    I love the colourfulness of your photos today :)

  11. Happy Anniversary. I love the first one because it is across the street from Veselka:)

  12. A very Happy Anniversary to you both. I just went through page after page and now I am so homesick for NYC! So nice to visit with you Elizabeth! Looking forward to reading your books.

  13. You see the most marvellous things! That mural is so cheerfully diverse. (The haircuts are pretty funny, too.)

    We all need a golden angel, I think. Many more (happy anniversaries), I hope.

  14. Elizabeth, I love your photos of NY, they are never boring!

  15. I see what you mean about there is always something happening in New York. I love seeing it through your eyes--it's never boring.

    Happy Anniversary to you!

  16. I especially like that picture you got of the chilly bridesmaids.
    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Happy Anniversary Elizabeth!!
    Love all the pix. Especially the purple wedding party and the monkey in the window!
    Do you know LiLi in the Netherlands?
    She has know her husb for 30 yrs and is coming to NY!! You guys would like one another!
    Hugs from Tx.

  18. 33 years! Congrats.

    Those girls look so cold in their purple bridesmaid dresses!

    And yes, I saw Willow's post on the WV.

    This WV:
    dizates....means nothing to me....

  19. WOW! Love your blog. I found it on Willow Manor. The graffiti is amazing! I love NY! You might enjoy looking at some vintage photography from a NY city photographer - it's a large archive of his work that I purchased about a year ago - lots of NY shots. Richard C. Bray is the photographer and you can find the website on the list on our blog. Glad to have found our blog. I'll add you as a link as well. Kim

  20. Meant to say - Glad to have found "your" blog. It really has been one of those days. It's so funny - it just won't end. Kim

  21. More wonderful photos - what a superb 'eye' you have, Elizabeth! You manage to capture the very essence of your city. Oh, and Happy New Year and a very Happy Anniversary!


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