Friday, January 2, 2009

Yellow Hat Weather/Celebration

It was beastly cold yesterday. In the afternoon we took a walk through Chelsea.

A. bought a hat on 9th Avenue --like the one on the left. Now he looks as if he is in the film Fargo. At least his head is warm.

This retro taxi was waiting for someone on 22nd Street.

Quite soon it will be my birthday, then R.'s, so we were taken out for dinner to a very lovely place where this cool dessert above arrived. Yum!

We had all eaten so much, we decided to walk home up 9th Avenue. 
A good opportunity to play with the new camera.


  1. I love the yellow hat. I'm told I have a hat face and do in fact have quite a collection but I've not got a yellow one.

    Lovely Elizabeth cake.

    Happy New Year to you and A

  2. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!!! Hugs. Love the last picture, seems to capture the moment the weather the time.....

  3. Happy New Year, and early birthday wishes, too!

    We are going to enjoy seeing that new camera clicked into action. How could you bear to take gloves off in that weather to take the outdoor photos? Anything for art!


  4. Happy almost birthday! Love the Fargo line. Stay away from wood chippers while he's wearing the hat. The birthday cake looks amazing!

  5. Happy Impending Birthday Elizabeth


  6. enchanting post! loved the last pic especially...and happy birthday!! love x janelle

  7. Happy Birthday. I do so enjoy your blog and photos. Thank you.

  8. Oh, Happy Birthday! You must tell us the exact day. I adore hats and wear one whenever I can get away with it.

    And wait for me! I want to go to the Eileen Fisher outlet!!!

  9. Happy birthday Elisabeth. Have a great celebration.

  10. LOVE the Dick Tracy hat- though know of no one able to wear such a thing! I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is at christmas so is mostly swamped with other things - forgotten- I hope that your's is just right- after all of the christmas fuss the focus is on you coming into this life- I hope it is clebrated-well spent with loved ones and deserts!

  11. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! The birthday dessert is just perfect! Have a wonderful yellow hat day.

  12. My place is also so cold, but might not be 'beastly' rather than New York.
    I hope your new year would be nice!!

  13. Happy birthday Elizabeth!
    I love your birthday dessert:)

  14. Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Enjoy.

    Thanks for the tour of Long Island too.

  15. WHEN
    is your birthday, elizabeth?

    you MUST say...
    WHEN exactly...


    a birthday in NEW YORK CITY!

    WHEN*EVER----> oh happy day!

  16. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! Many many more full of yellow hats and yummy cakes. xox, Isabel

  17. Better Fargo than cold! We traipsed around a cold, damp Oxford today, and my husband wore a black cap that managed to be somehow menacing and goofy at the same time.

    Your birthday dessert was gorgeous! (When is your B'day? Mine is the 11th. I'm not surprised you are a Capricorn as I am always drawn to them.)

    Happy New Year and such. xx, Bee

  18. I would have chosen the Fargo hat--cannot stand to be cold! Fashion goes out the window when the wind blows!

    I was just over visiting your House in Marrakesh blog and catching up on the enchanting pictures and noticed your book! Congratulations, Elizabeth! It looks delightful. A copy will most likely show up soon for our enjoyment.

  19. What an interesting decoration on top of the cake. It looks most unusual.We're into Sun Hats here!

  20. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Wishing you a very happy year! :o) Your cake is so tasty. Love all the hats! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  21. Such very kind comments. I'm fortunate to have so many lovely blog chums -as well as ones in the real world.
    Actual b'day is Jan 4th.
    will not reveal horrible antiquity of this blogger....
    Wishing you all good things in 2009 -

  22. French Fancy: Hats are bliss but am not convinced that yellow is the most flattering color near the face?
    Muse:I will warn Adam about the woodchipper!
    Linda Sue:I'm sorry your b'day gets lost in the shuffle.
    Yes, not good planning to get born this time of year.
    They all think:
    Well, I got her a present already..........

  23. Happy early birthday! What a dessert!

    I can actually understand the attraction to those Fargo/Elmer Fudd type hats....

  24. Love the hats....Fargo indeed! LOL.

    That dessert is just the perfect size for after a good meal...looks delicious too.

    Happy Birthday to both of DH is also a winter birthday person. I'm summer myself.

  25. What a lovely rich and colourful post! Happy brithday and happy new year!

  26. I love your blog, the pictures are at real treat!

    Happy belated birthday!! Mine is Friday, the 9th.

    My 26 year old son got a "Fargo" hat a month ago. Mind you, we live in central Alabama...70 degrees some days in winter! But he loves hats and wore the thing INSIDE for two weeks solid!!

  27. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Wishing you much happiness and peace :-)


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