Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yesterday was the coldest day for four years. The air was crystalline and lovely.
I did not leave the house. 
Herewith a round up of stuff that has been lurking.
Above a place where you can assuage your desire for cash, hot dogs and coffee 24/7.

Monday's  early morning sun careening  down 23rd Street.

Bartenders from last Sunday.

Such shiny surfaces and jolly reflections.

One can  understand the romance of the bottle.
As regards taking pictures of people. I generally ask people if I can take their photo or wave at them and grin. It's all very tricky.
I almost never take photos of children.


  1. You have an eye for the unusual. I love that last shot of bottles.

  2. The bottle pic is nice.

    Can you comment about why you use the square format... reminds me of using a Hasselblad Camera .

  3. The pic of the bartenders and of the bottles are fabulous! Very lovely.

    It is warmer here this morning.
    5 degrees. :)

    And your word verification is "tinglo". That's what I'm doing in the cold.

  4. Lots of warm colors to counter balance the extreme chill of the weather.

  5. Interesting...and I thought it was a post of some food leftovers..ok, thinking of food too much..not good :(

  6. We used to read about the myth that Native Americans were afraid that if you took their picture, they would lose their spirit. Your "Leftovers" posting hints at more contemporary difficulties." Who has the right to the final image? What could happen as a consequence of this photo? I think you've thought about these legal and ethical concerns, Elizabeth, because of your comments and that you don't often take photos of children. What a mess of a world sometimes! I love your 'wave and smile technique' especially how it provides you with the implicit affirmative. Clever!

  7. loved your title of 'Leftovers' - the last pic is fabulous

  8. I like these shots, especially the bottles!I remember the bars in NYC being great, lovely atmosphere


  9. as usual, love them all. Your subject matter, made all that more interesting by your choice of framing, the colors, your perfect timing and witty captions, always sucks me in, delights the eye, makes me feel like I've taken a weekend's worth of vacation in 60 seconds.

    How do you DO that exactly????

  10. I was on the Tube yesterday and saw a herd of excited school-children. I would have loved to take a picture; but of course it is too invasive.

    The romance of the bottle! In your picture, yes, oh yes.

  11. I love all the colours in these photos. How cold is it there?

  12. I agree with Weaver of Grass that your eye for the unusual is 'unusually' bright.

    I don't post photos of babies or children without the express permission of their parents either. And I ask adults too, except for people who are unrecognizable in the pictures (like silhouettes).

  13. It is so cold here. Although I hear it is going to be in the 40s by the end of the week! I didn't leave the house today except to go to the gym and get oatmeal:)

  14. How cold did it get actually?

    As usual, it is a pleasure to peruse the visual treats on your blog. Interest in the sublime as well as the mundane. (and yes, bottles are great!)

  15. I love those bottles. Yes, there is something very romantic about bottles on a shelf. I love that old apothecary look you sometimes see in olde worlde pharmacies. There's a fabulous one down Bond Street but I've not seen it for years (there I go getting nostalgic again and it's not even lunchtime).

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