Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Lights on the Bus


  1. The angle makes me feel as if I'm really on the bus going over a bump which jars me to the point of having to tilt my head. For some reason. ; )

  2. Ah but did the door open when touched? LOL ... for the first time this week it did on my morning M104 ride

  3. Very unusual photograph. I am building up such a picture of New York through your eyes.

  4. So the green lights mean, go and then red lights on the bus would mean stay on the bus. How orderly! I would never see that in Puerto Rico. Interesting photo Elizabeth -especially the angle.

  5. great shot! - the figure against all that industrial

  6. sorry
    but i am still thinking about--->

    the enigmatic young man.


    {{ what was under his cape,
    i am wondering,
    hummmm. }}


  7. Only bus I ever rode consistently was the big yellow school bus...for hours and hours across the farms. City buses are a little intimidating to the ex-farm kid. Need more training in urbanization. Liked the angle. Was it on purpose, or just the best way to get the shot without being observed?

  8. It's been a long time since I've ridden a bus...I don't remember green lights! I guess things have changed in 20 years or so...

  9. Green lights ? Does it mean you can move on?


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