Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Visit to Long Island/Part Several Thousand

Up early. The sun chucking buckets full of gold* down 23rd Street.
Going to Long Island to visit an elderly relative infirm of mind and body.
Advice: bring cookies.
We stop off here.  Lori is starting a blog. I'm instructing her. Hmm......
The fern garden chairs too chilly to sit on.

Winter white. Chic.

Indoors the paperwhites sit next to the clivia in the cool hall.

I'm willing to take instruction anywhere. 

* Edna St.Vincent Millay. Recuerdo


  1. I love how the modern "think" plaque is next to the vintage bottle, hymn book and bible. Nice composition.

  2. Oooh, what I wouldn't give for some buckets of gold to be chucked down my street! You do have a wonderful way with words, Elizabeth!

    Still life...THINK. Appropriate.

  3. Oh...I LOVE that THINK plaque. It would be appropriate on so many levels and in so many places. what a treasure!

  4. What is the fern cast iron...a chair?

    Love the Think plaque.

  5. Oh yeah -- I'm with Tessa -- a great sentence, one I will not forget, ever I think. The sun chucking bucketsful of gold. That's good.

    I loved the white fern chair in the snow and the angle that you crop your photos (or frame them when taking).

    And I would be interested in having a print (signed of course!!) of the second shadow shot of the red jacketed man walking under the street light in the park at night. :-D

  6. I love the idea of a winter fern garden; it just wakes up my mind!

  7. Tessa/Sydney: the quote was from Edna St.Vincent Millay's
    Willow: Hadn't really focused on the bottle or the Bible before I looked at the photos later......
    Sydney: You really want photo? Wow.
    E-mail me and tell me what size etc.

  8. Thanks for a glimpse into someone else's life for a while.

  9. Wow..it looks cold over there!
    I love that sign - could use one for myself!

  10. You sure know a great shot when you see one, don't you?

  11. Elizabeth - I love all four of these shots - each one takes me to a different place - that bucket full of sun shot is really fine

  12. winter white, scarves pulled up over our faces, chairs too cold to sit on ...

    Thanks for making me think!

  13. The juxtaposition of the bible with a "THINK" sign- brilliant. The fern chairs in the icy snow- are worthy of blow up on a dominant wall in a glorious palace.Very nice indeed!

  14. That bucket full of gold, those fern chairs, magic. I hope your visit was a good one.

  15. Is that a gavel in the blue pot--next to the hymnal and The Bible? How appropriate!

  16. Your pictures are particularly interesting and magical today. (Do I always say that?) I am very much drawn to the buckets of gold.

    What fun to help someone start blogging! Will you link us in on her maiden voyage?

    Your title tickled me, too.

  17. I have been to visit Lori at Jarvis House and have found her delightful. I can see that she is listening well to your advice.

    The White Chic is beautiful!

  18. Those chairs! Those chairs! Elizabeth, I just finished reading your interview with Cynthia. Very enjoyable. Your questions really got her going!

  19. I love the part 'chucking gold'..beautiufl photos. I was driving home and taking photos of the sunset (not a good idea), one hand on the steering and another outside the window holding the camera..and seeing the sun setting among the clouds, thought it was amazing. Like the THINK plaque..I should have a reminder on my desk. It still looks so cold there..brrr....

  20. Thanks for the photos AND like you will take instruction here on your blog. It's always good to Think! ;-)

    Happy Day to you Elizabeth!!


  21. Elizabeth, how I enjoyed looking at your wintry photos of New York. The one of the Wolf Moon made me swoon. And the ferny chair in winter's white is divine. Thank you for posting these.

  22. hi Elizabeth
    A long while since we stopped by. Good to read and see the photos.Love the buckets full of gold. We have had buskets full of pink, but this morning the wind is rattling the front dor and outside is wet and dirty as only britain can be.
    Love from all here
    Jackie and the gingercats

  23. Great photo of the fern garden chair. I have managed some frosty shots lately too. x

  24. these photos are so lovely! where in long island? i usually need to bring a rye bread!


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