Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Bank and an Interview

The air so clean and bright yesterday, even a bank on 8th Avenue looked photogenic.

The other day Willow of Willow Manor (seen above) interviewed me. 

Q. You recently moved to New York City from Marrakesh. What took you to Marrakesh in the first place and what did you most like about living there?
A.We moved to Marrakesh because it is all the things they tell you it is: amazingly beautiful, mysterious, exciting raffish and full of fascinating people. It reminded us a little of Florence 35 years ago. We miss it a lot. The people,the orange juice,the colors, everything

Picture: rue riad zitoun djedid, marrakesh

Q. How did you meet your artist husband?
A."He's gone to Africa. He won't come back for these," Fabio Monsignori said, handing me a bag of Venetian beads. I strung them and sold them on the Ponte Vecchio.
He came back....

Picture: getting on the ALSA Bus. Marrakech medina

 Q.If you could invite one historical figure to dinner, who would it be and why?
A. The essayist Charles Lamb because he seems such a completely nice person. Perceptive, articulate, kind and interested in other people. And what people he knew.....
 Q. What inspires you most as an author?
A. The past, memory, other books, looking about me.
Q. Who are your five most favorite writers?
A. Very unkind only to be allowed five out of lots and lots
1. W.G.Sebald: such an  erudite melange of narrative, memoir, fiction and who knows what. Not to mention bad photos.
2. Jane Austen: such a very acute observer of life.
3. Paul Auster: finds mystery in the mundane. The earlier books.
4. Mollie Panter-Downes: who brings to life the lost world of my youth.
5. A.M. Homes: so utterly now.

If you would like to be interviewed by me, leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you with questions and so on and so forth........


  1. But where is that interview?

    Word verification is "motte," which reminds me of bon mots. You are the queen of the bon mots, I think. (I wonder if anyone has taken that as a blog name?)

  2. Oooh, yes...where is the interview?
    (When you get your photographs published in fabulous coffee table format the title could be New York Bon Mots)

  3. Very intriguing story of the stringing of the beads. You must expound in a future post! Or book!

    Your list of authors is incredibly interesting, too.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for indulging me. Well done! :)

  4. I enjoyed your interview, Elizabeth...and you've sent me back to the library. But I was especially intrigued by your comment about missing the orange juice. Funny, but orange juice always seems to take on the 'importance' of wine when I travel. And I never drink it at home.
    Happy Weekend -

  5. I'm intrigued with the mysteries behind your comments! Beads? Florence?

    Off to the library to look for your authors...

  6. Word verification: progal..
    proguy works fine with me too

    Interesting interview..wished it was longer so we can know more..we are a very 'kay po chi' or 'kpc' lot as the saying here, it means over curious...way over the top.

    Happy sunday :D

  7. oh yes...I second Willow on that, we need more elaboration on the beads part, sound too mysterious and fun! Pray tell :D

  8. enjoyed the interview very much, but it leaves me with more questions then answers - I'm with all the others - the story of the beads - am going to check out a few of the authors you mentioned definitely! thanks, Elizabeth...

  9. There's another Valley National Bank about to open on 4th Ave and 13th, above which I live, so it caught my eye! Did you know that, tonight,
    saturday night, a rare giant size moon will be rising in the east as the sun sets? Do hope you can give it a shot! MM of NY

  10. Wow, this is fun. I would like to be interview by my sister-in-law. Now you may find some of the skeletons in the Schmid family closet. I probably don't know one though.
    MMofNY will be looking a long time to the east tonight. The moon will set in the west with the Sun in the new moon phase. The next spectacular full moon will usher in Mr. B's birthday the night of the 26th-27th.

  11. Yes, E, you conceal as much as you reveal! It is like getting a peek at a book that you would like to read! The string of beads story is very romantic . . . as is decamping to Marrakesh because it seemed like an interesting place to live.

    I would enjoy being interview by you or Willow both . . . perhaps you could each send me a question?

  12. Anonymous in ND (I know who you are...)
    Where will you post your interview?
    I will send your questions to your e-mail
    Over on Kate's blog?
    Otherwise you will have to get your own blog.
    Please advise.
    A blog is fun.

  13. Very interesting reading your interview and so fascinating about Marrakesh.
    I'd love to be interviewed!


  14. i loved your interview elizabeth...i read the lines about how you met your husband over and over wonderful to get to know you long were you in marrakesh for?

  15. Great to know even more about you.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    xo K

  16. Seeing the bank photo and reading your answers to the interview made me put the two together; willow is asking you questions while you stand in line trying to concentrate on your funds. You got so frustrated with her interuptions that all you could say was "beads --I sold the beads and he came back." Somehow the story was left between the bank slips at the counter or just in the blank slips in my mind. Do I really have to fill in the story? I just love privacy.
    If you send me interview questions, I will try to answer.:-)

  17. No one could see a darn thing tonight, of course! Wishful thinking all round. Thanks for the tip for the next show in the sky, T, and who is Mr. B?!! MM of NY

  18. OK I'm a jerk. I have a new calendar and the moon is full tonight. Sorry MM of NY. It is so full we can read by moon light tonight. And it's 15 above!

  19. Nice interview, I want to know more...I was not surprised to learn that we share two of our favorite authors: Jane and paul are favorites and I too prefer Paul's earlier work.

  20. i SWOON at the story of how you met

    see you tuesday.

  21. I think the story of you and R meeting is very romantic. It's obvious that you both are still very sweet on each other. :)

  22. I had to come back to read the interview. Romantic, delightful, well travelled, well read, mysterious, twinkling...just as I'd thought.

  23. I have dipped into both your blogs for some time and loved being filled in on some of the background.
    I lived in Florence after the flood.
    I have been interviewed already, but would you like to interview me again?

  24. Wonderful, Elizabeth! I so enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for filling in the "blanks"!


I look forward to hearing from you!