Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seen in Soho

Spring Street. A real truck trying to blend in with its surroundings....

  Near Cosby Street

Spring Street again and an enigmatic young man.

He would have been more enigmatic still if he hadn't smiled.


  1. I just adore your graffiti photos which is funny because I still think graffiti is a crime. You find the art in it.

    When I was in high school in NYC, graffiti artists were being discovered and having shows. It was empowering seeing these young, talented outlaws turned towards making a clean career.

    Did you see the NYT today? There's an interesting article (front page) on self-publishing which mentioned Lulu. You are cresting a new trend in literature.

  2. Marvelous graffiti!! You have captured the best shots of it lately.

    I like your comment about the smiling guy. ;^)

  3. Beautiful graffiti, and that man in his cloak..looks like a magician :D

  4. The graffiti w/the truck blending in is awesome, Elizabeth.

  5. Ooh, I really like the Angel one! Good job mommer!

  6. Dazzling photos! wonderful, amazing! Love graffiti, So stylized and raw although sometimes graffiti artists can be magnificent , they should have permission to cover bleak concrete with their art.
    You must spend a lot of time outside , wandering about the city. Even when it's so very cold. What a trooper!

  7. What Linda Sue said...I agree. Saw the weather for US Northeast. Hope that mess does not turn into an ice storm. That could be a real disaster. Stay warm and hope it all goes by in a hurry.

  8. Elizabeth, thank you for thinking of me. xooxox

    I totally agree with you about your last picture of the young man. By smiling he seemed as though he was playing dress up.

    I love all the pictures in your blog they are vibrant and full of life. Just like I imagine you to be.

    Love Renee

  9. The enigmatic man looks like an extra in a Harry Potter film . . . or perhaps the magician for a children's birthday party?

    Lovely, colorful graffiti.

    "readfifi" is the word verification . . . a command to a poodle?

  10. oh, man that first pic is fabulous - at first glance can't tell if the truck is real or part of the wall! and of course the window showcasing the chocolate!

  11. Love that first photo-- faux truck!

    (Word verification: "saily." Slushy is more like it!)

  12. from graffiti to truffles--your next novel?
    love these elizabeth!

  13. Those photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Great photos, Elizabeth.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment - and I hope you enjoy the book, too. Which parts of India will you be visiting?

  15. lol the lorry is the best good moments

  16. At least that guy is happy to be dressed up like that! your graffiti pic is fabulous, xv.

  17. I love the graffiti too, and I was standing right next to you when you took one of those pictures.

    The chocolates? I got some of those for Mothers' Day. Cool packaging too!

    I'd love to know the smiling enigmatic young man's story.

  18. Your Blog page is a fun read! I like the graffiti very much.
    Hello from Australia!
    Cheers, Sarah:))

  19. Very nice...tagging as an art form! Fun post.
    Congratulations on Post of the Day mention from David


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