Saturday, January 3, 2009

Street Philosophy

Went to East 9th Street yesterday in search of spiritual guidance. 
Also found the Eileen Fisher shop.
The east side has much more graffiti than the west.

Elizabeth Bunsen would love it. Come to New York, Eb!

Much to see on Second Avenue for someone who rarely leaves the west side.........

A few light snowflakes. Smell of  freshly ground coffee. Lunch at the Ukranian diner.
A dream indeed. 


  1. I don't think I could resist eating somewhere that bills itself as the best chinese restaurant! Great pictures!


  2. You are fortunate to find so much exoticness (new word) in such a short trip. No real ethnic anything here.

  3. In Sydney there was a graffiti artist who just wrote 'Eternity' wherever he went. No-one ever found out who he was. I particularly like the 'precious' comment.

  4. Had to Google it...


  5. I love the second graffiti pic! Would you mind if I post it on my sidebar? I'll give you credit, of course. :^)

    I'm green with envy of your trip to the Eileen Fisher outlet.

  6. BEautiful Elizabeth! I love graffiti and an urban adventure with a lovely author is calling me... I'll get the white room in order and see about booking a train ticket - yes I will indeed!

    much love and plotting to see you soon

    xox - eb.

  7. love these shots Elizabeth, but the third image really does it for me!

  8. Hi Elizabeth!

    I'd love to eat at the Ukrainian diner --my maternal grandmother was from Kiev.

    Graffiti seems to be on the increase again all over town. I don't like it most of the time as I find it destructive to private property, but I did enjoy that little bit of philosophic graffiti that you found :-) I sometimes find that in Greenwich Village.

    Happy 2009!

  9. Hello Elizabeth,

    Porto Rico coffe and Eileen's original outpost ... more rare samples than outlet, but richer for that. Love those folks on 9th Street.

    Were you in NYC back when we would ride the subways and see what Keith Haring had written overnight on blank poster spaces in the subways, or see what SAMO (aka Mr. Basquiat) had wisely scribbled? All that seems so long ago. To have a piece of chalk in the hand of an artist sending out a special message that anyone who took the time would see as sooo true.

    Happy New Year, continued birthday wishes! xo

  10. Casper is such a friendly ghost!
    Even on a cold day he's smiling.

    Happy almost Birthday to you!!

  11. thanks for being my window
    on new york


    {{ love the kissing fishes }}

  12. wonderfully inspirational! thanks! what a great searching eye you have xxx janelle

  13. It's amazing how much one can learn just walking down the street! That second photo's verse really grabs me..wise words for living there! Happy Day, Elizabeth! ((HUGS))

  14. i love that graffiti "this moment is more precious than you think" !

    Happy Happy New Year Elizabeth and hope you'll make your way to Spain this coming year !

    A big hug to you

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  16. Hello, I just want to say (with my bad english) that I really like your blog (which means your pictures, words, etc.)

    Many thanks !

    julien (from Paris)

  17. How fun! Those little kissing fishies look like one of my partner's tattoos! I love the reference to eb.

  18. Love all these messages ...Thank you for sharing NYC with us and particularly with me , it seems I'm still there


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