Saturday, January 31, 2009

Virtue and Delight

New York turns perfectly ordinary people into food snobs  -- --simply because everything you could ever desire and then some is available to you almost every minute of the day.
Blogging turns perfectly ordinary people into the sort of weirdos who take pictures of their lunch.
Smoked salmon tartine at La Pain Quotitien.

New  lunch special at the same place. Tuscan white beans, bread soaked in olive oil, frissee, parma ham. Yum.

Now for the really good stuff.
To cut to the chase. 
Chelsea Market. Brownies, blondies, brownies of every flavor you could dream of (mocha, white chocolate, caramel etc etc) in big sizes and tiny. People say, "I don't really do sweet things but just a taste....." Ha!
Pat invites me behind the scenes at the Fat Witch bakery. This is my lucky day.

Such a cheery, plump contented witch who now pops up all over the place even on tea.
Middle aged women giggle. A fat witch they say: ah that's me.

I think green tea is meant to be good for you.

ps.  My favorite is the white chocolate brownie.


  1. "Blogging turns perfectly ordinary people into the sort of weirdos who take pictures of their lunch."
    This line made me giggle! And now my mouth is watering and I just had a big 'ol Saturday breakfast.

  2. Oooh, deliciousity. And shots worthy of Gourmet!

  3. Wow, show me its recipe!!
    It is much value to go to New York to eat it!

  4. well said on all counts, especially the opening paragraphs. Made me snort this morning. Good thing my husband was in the other room...

    I often wonder if you are doing these magnificent shots with a little pocket digital or one that looks like the old cameras with a lens. Or something else?

  5. I wanted to lick my computer screen - god, for a brownie right now!

  6. Give me, brown, blonde...I don't care. Even the ones with the lily guilding of marchmallow and chocolate frosting. I DO wish there was somewhere within an hour's drive to eat something besides franchise food, though. Thanks for the delicious pics! word verification "twing"

  7. Leenie: as in "Twing went the strings of my heart"?!
    I was in Chelsea Market the other day with a young woman on leave from learning to fly military helicopters in Alabama. She nearly wept with joy seeing all the varieties of food - and enjoyed the free samples they hand out......

    Sydney: I use a tiny Nikon Coolpix S610. It was my Christmas present and I'm thrilled with it.

  8. Lucky you. The salmon looks delicious!

  9. Elizabeth, I just love the Fat Witch brand! I think the Green Tea "witches brew" is just what I need to fortify me for a few more hours of blogging travel. You're making me hungry!

  10. I love, love, love, love the Fat Witch photograph!! Kim

  11. Well, Elizabeth, I can see that the cold end of January has not kept you indoors. These past posts have the expected surprises of photos only your eye would detect. And the wit of the captions shows your way with words.

    You continue to encourage me to try to think creatively. Thank you!


  12. Ha...Sunday morning and I see food..I'll go find some now :D

  13. Loved your line about blogging!
    As for the food it was hard to get past the brownies...

    PS: Word verification: wayles - not after I got through that pan of brownies hee hee

  14. Thanks for the kind comment over at my blog. I'm intrigued by the novel you wrote - was it published? This journey is such a unique experience, sometimes equal parts joy and heartache.

    Your blog is gorgeous - something I aspire to, but haven't gotten farther than just a place to pour out my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for stopping by. I'll be back to visit you again.

  15. oh to have all those choices! love the little witch teas....

  16. Oh, looking at this right before bedtime....maybe not such a great idea!! I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! Brownies!

  17. Do you mind? I am just about to have my morning coffee and had just decided I would not have anything to eat with it!! How can I resist - I am drooling over the brownies (and whities?)

  18. Hi, my name is JaPRA. I am a blogger. I take pictures of my food.


    I loved this post. And mmmm. White Chocolate Brownie.

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