Friday, January 16, 2009

Wandering About

I really don't approve of Fox News but this camera man outside Penn Station seemed like a nice fellow.
Anyone who agrees to be in the blog is a friend of mine.
The girl who made the hot chocolate in the cafe in Borders Bookshop did a master/mistressfull job. Whipped cream?
A chocolate stirring stick?
Chocolate sauce on top of that?
(It was very cold out.......)

The Fashion Institute of Technology has a new banner: Where creativity gets down to business...
As a slogan, this sounds wonderful indeed.
However, in my experience, most creative people are hopeless at the business end of things.
They need the born organizers of things to help them out.

Another local place to learn skills is the  American Barber Institute - mostly  noticed for the cool neon in the window.

Wholefoods has got cases of a new item in: Citrus Prickly Pear drink. Function: urban detox.
Somehow I'm not as tempted as I should be. "Urban detox" sounds so wonderfully positive or the name of some outlandish character. 


  1. Great photos...the hot chocolate looks DEE-VINE!

    You are one brave woman wandering about in this cold though :-)

    Stay warm......

  2. These are wonderful pictures! I love to see people just doing their thing! Stay warm - better yet, stop over for a cup of tea - I posted my favorite cup today.

  3. Urban Detox? Hmmm...I wonder if they change the poster to Surburban Detox in the Whole Foods in New Jersey?

  4. "Fashion Institute of Technology"? ... "Urban Detox"?

    Something for everyone I suppose.

  5. Creatives may be hopeless at business, but are great at gathering gear. "Oh! another brush. I need to add that to my stack!" etc. etc. As for urban detox: try some fresh Mountain Air. It works wonders. :)

  6. Okay Elizabeth, one hot chocolate for me please :)
    Your Barber Institute photo reminded me of your Barber photos from would be fun if you posted photos of Marrakesh/NYC lifestyles side by side.

  7. oh, Elizabeth, such a fun walk with you this morning! - urban detox - OMG! from a little can/jar of prickly pear? that's a very brave little can or jar....

  8. The guys from Fox "News" could sure use some of that Detox stuff ...

  9. Urban detox sounds like it is simply a trip to the country!
    Great shots.

  10. FOX NEWS? Did they speak in tongues?? I love that you can "shape up" at the barber shoppe for only $4.99! Wow I need that! Great shots as usual- the chocolate sent me into the kitchen to rummage for something delish...Going out in such cold weather- You are a trooper!

  11. I mostly consider myself a creative person, however I'm GREAT at organization and business. But the thing is, it's so dreadfully, mind-numbingly, soul-killingly (can I use that non-word?) BORING.

    I really enjoy all your photos. : )

  12. Urban Detox is a stitch! I think you should use it as a character name in your next novel!

  13. Love that liquid chocolate candy, er, coffee cup presentation! :-)

    That mistress sounds so forced. Is it really used nowadays? Are female MAs nowadays Magistras of Arts?

  14. People over here are not welcoming anyone taking photos of them..including me :p that's why my small digital camera is handy, it fits nicely into the pocket and palm and I can shoot without many knowledge haha! Hot chocolate? anytime for me pleassssee. The Detox thing-y..I'll be very tempted to try and I do know one has to run to the toilet very often during detox:p

  15. WONDERFUL! safari craig is in NYC right now. i wonder where. your photographs allow me to imagine the streets he walks..and of course, where you live. THANKS for great post! xxx j

  16. Actually Urban Detox sounds kinds scary.

    I agree that the creative people are generally speaking 'creative' in their business organization.

    Please pass the hot chocolate. I feel the strong need to go to Borders...

  17. yummy- I wanna have this coffe/chocolate-shake (or whatever)!! It looks so delicious :)

  18. 'Urban Detox'! If only it were that smple!

  19. ok icecream in winter .. it doesnt soft .. good way

  20. Very cool pictures! I love the neon signs for the Barber Institute! That hot chocolate/shake thingie looks divine,hope you enjoyed!

    Regards from

  21. Creative and business - definitely an oxymoron.

    Hot chocolate and cold day - perfection.

    Love walking the streets of New York with you, Elizabeth. It's quite become my favourite pastime!

  22. Mmmm...the hot chocolate!

    Urban Detox/prickly pear...what an odd marketing slogan.

  23. After that immersion in the Border's Chocolate delight maybe some bossy photo ghost is saying, "Drink your Urban Detox!"
    Only you say, "What and ruin the Chocolate-love flavor?" Your
    free-spirit enjoys life!

  24. Speaking as a creative type, I'd have to say I am pretty hopeless at the business end of things. I'm organized in some areas, but I'm very forgetful.


  25. Do you think that you had the shaky economy in mind when you took so many pictures of people with practical skills? (Urban detox: getting rid of all of the financial shysters?)


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