Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maybe, last....

A walk down 21st Street yesterday morning revealed:

shy little bits of fruit blossom

daffodils -- the pale kind I like best

and Lenten Roses.

In the immortal words of PB Shelley:

If winter comes
can spring be far behind?


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  1. wonderful shots!wonderful new york!

  2. Yes! It looks as if your spring is on the way. I echo .... Yippee!
    And I love the shots!

  3. Your NY is so much more appealing than anyone elses NY- You have a magic camera and special vision!
    Spring is being cranky here.

  4. I so adore/envy the green lushness of NY that you show us.
    That is the one thing I miss living in the desert.
    Not that we don't have our own spring extravaganza but it is quite different.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. your first photo looks like a painting & the light in your second is amazing. Nice work Elizabeth.

  6. That's some tree in pic 2 - amazing!

  7. Great pictures! I'd love to come to NY in the spring, I've been twice, both times in December. It was great but might be nice to not have to wear 3 layers of clothes, scarves and earmuffs everywhere!

  8. Beautiful photos. I especially loved the one with the "Walking Stick" tree. I bought a small one last fall and hope that it will survive this Spring. See you soon.

  9. It snowed in Cleveland yesterday. Our fragile little crocuses were all covered up.

    Your first picture of the tiny budding blossoms reminds me of a Japanese painting. Absolutely rich!

  10. Yes, Yipee! The blossoms and flower can cheer up a day like magic. Thanks for the beautiful photographic preview of things that will happen here in a month or so.

  11. It has been a long time coming but it will be all the more welcome when it finally arrives. beautiful photographs, you have an artist's eye.

  12. I am not sure if we can celebrate Spring just yet, E, until we see if we have snow on the ground tomorrow! Let's hope it warms up a little soon

  13. Your blog is still one of my favorites, your photos are very good, lighting, angle etc...

  14. Elizabeth, I love that Yippee so much and it's great to see that others have also cheered it.

    Can you believe that we might wake to yet more snow? I am going to say special prayers tonight.

    Enough winter weather is enough, isn't it?

    Even so, you photographs are great, and you've find a way to make the current light a treat.


  15. I like it...your photos and spring:)!
    and thanks for your visit to my blog:), it´s great to get greetings from NY!
    I send you greetings from Karlsruhe;)

  16. You went from winter to spring...just like THAT!!

    I love the second shot, looks like a theater set.

    and...OK, how fun is that snapshot thing, but go check it out.

  17. Spring is a glorious time to be in the city! Lovely! Lovely! Beautiful photographs!

  18. Yes:)) you got spring too:))
    Beautiful pictures.
    Wishing you a nice week.
    Greetings from Norway,

  19. It must be warmer on your side of town! The colors of Spring are beautiful! Still shivery down town...

  20. Thank you for New York, looking pretty.

  21. The blossom against the brick wall makes a good pic.

    See lots of Corkscrew Hazel there too.

  22. Beautiful photos!
    Love the architecture of the house!

  23. Gorgeous photos. I could spend all day just taking pictures of brownstones and cute little streets.

    Enjoy this gorgeous spring day!


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