Saturday, March 19, 2011

Architectural Digest Home Design Show

A beautiful sunny day on Friday so my thoughts turned to spring.

A friend had tickets to the design show at Pier 94. The flowers 
 were far more interesting than most of the design elements.

So herewith a grand tour of flowers I enjoyed.

Tulips and amyrillis so bold they assault you.

A restrained arrangement at the booth where you could get booze.

Tulips rather lovely and almost on their last legs --or petals....

Lots of New York-y designery types with fabulous eye glasses etc.
and............ lo and behold.......

an Amish couple.......who knew...

Bridal and lush with spring-like pussy willow.



  1. I like the tulips the best, just as they are - they are gorgeous!

  2. I just came from that show!..Did you go to the Dining by Design area? I took tons of pics to post later on but that'll take some take a chunk of time, lol...your flower pictures are very pretty :-)

  3. Wow, thanks Elizabeth! I take my floral art very seriously, and that was a treat.

  4. That was gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see what decor items the Amish couple have chosen for their home.

  5. I just Adored all the flowers !

    Thank You so much for this wonderful post

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I just love the Amish couple photos sprinkled in! No shortage of humor in your blog.

  7. Beautiful flowers, nice photos!

  8. The "plain folk' probably got really high from all of the colour that nature provided! Flowers showing off!Thanks for taking us along- Especially loving the tulips and the pink/green bouquet at the top!

  9. All wonderful and refreshing. What would the world be without flowers? They are a gift to us who survive the dreary winter drabs with eyes aching for anything vibrant.

    The Amish couple have their own designer look in that crowd.

  10. We often see Amish here in Ohio. They always stand out in a crowd, like they arrived from time travel.

  11. I can almost feel the smell-great!

  12. Your blog is so beautiful! I love the way you "look at" things in such a peculiar way... My dream is to know NY city, and each time I "see" it through your pictures I fall in love for the city even more! Greetings from Brazil ;-)

  13. Beautiful flowers! I love the Peonies, my favorite. I like the Amish womans splash of color with the purple dress.

  14. These flowers are beautiful! I love the Amish couple wandering in for a look too. I remember a few years ago finding three Amish women playing in the water at the beach. That was a surprise!


  15. I would love to visit an Amish village somewhere, sometime. Life seems so simple.

  16. Loved the picture of the Amish. Even got my husband and showed him. Brought back memories of walking past the Amish Market near the World Trade Center.


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