Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A MoroccanFeast

One of the delights of going anywhere is sampling the food.
Another is discovering instant folk art.

Here is a little restaurant just off derb Dabachi where the painter of the awning has had fun depicting the local specialities. Internationally famous chefs apparently approve... Arabic is written phonetically --unlike pesky English. No prizes for guessing who Jimmy Hollver is!

Robert's favorite olive seller in the Mellah Market.

 He likes his olives extra spicy.

How they glisten!

Good,  fresh, raw ingredients are the key to good cooking....... 

What abundance! Strawberries are in season now.

A simple couscous with seven vegetables at

 Grand Cafe de la Poste.

Salads for Sunday lunch at Villa Riad el Arsa.
Notice the one with oranges and strawberries and  cucumber
 and mint and all the little decorations round the edges.

And for dessert --oranges again and strawberries.
 Imagine having so much fruit and so many veggies you scarcely know what to do with it all...

Then little pastries with nuts and honey.
 The ones on the top row look like ripe figs.



  1. Most gorgeous food i have ever seen! Everything now pales- just bought some organic strawberries - full of hope but they are inadequate. Lovely food! don't know who Jimmy is .

  2. This is fresh food! Eeverything looks so inviting!

  3. ooh, i'm jealous and in awe, once again! such an abundace of glorious food in stylish and beautiful pictures...

  4. Linda Sue!
    JIMMY HOLLVER = Jamie Oliver the English chef who is trying to make people eat more healthily.
    He, himself was dyslexic at school and would appreciate the phonetic spelling of his name!

  5. I adore couscous and the dish with seven vegetables looks fabulous !

    What a trip you had.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Morocco is looking more and more like a place I must visit, and soon, with each of your posts.

  7. I'm way behind in reading blogs, but catching up. The blue door post was gorgeous. Is there a reason why so many doors are painted blue? Oh what a market! This is an amazing journey you're letting us peek into. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for showing us this feast, Elizabeth!

    The produce is gorgeous all on its own...and in season, too. Those olives are just begging us to try each of them!

    And then you show us the chefs' creativity in their combinations and presentations. Superb!

    Since we are now a week into March, I know that spring will be getting here soon. The local farmers markets will soon be showing us some glimmers of what they might be raising. Yet...we have such a long wait before we will truly see "in season" anything.

    Patience. xo

  9. Haha Jimmy Holiver. Gorgeous food. Beautiful photos. Heaven for fresh food starved eyes. YUM.

  10. You said it right! Anytime there is food, I am there :)

  11. Fantastic! I am inspired to awake from winter sleeping and go to my kitchen and make some food with COLOURS!!!

  12. I do like Moroccan food but have only had it in Potiers in France.

  13. Great post, Elizabeth!
    Olive photo is brilliante!
    The dishes looks delicious.


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