Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday/Cheerful

Haven't participated in Shadow Shot Sunday for such a long time. Anyway it's lots of fun.

This first picture isn't about shadows really. More something cheerful in this miserable cold weather.

This is the shadow shot. The local diner with decorations by Berch
 on the window and the paint casting shadows.

Some shadows here too. Late afternoon from our sitting room window.

Yesterday we went up to 66th Street to deliver a painting.
Such a view from the collector's apartment! This looking North.

This looking  directly down from the 29th floor. (Not highly recommended....)

This looking towards Central Park. It looks like fall because I tweaked the color......
It still feels like the middle of winter here!



  1. Wonderful photos! I too wish it would warm up. Enough already!

  2. Outstanding photos !
    I am always amazed by the beauty of the city you live in.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It's cold here today as well!
    But Easter's coming!! And I love the jelly bean shot!

  4. Even though you claim the first shot has little to do with shadows, I see some "dark spots" there in the bowl!


    Said Shadow, “I do wonder why,
    When there is no sun in the sky,
    I must disappear;
    I’d like to stay here
    And never again say good-bye!”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Aztec Altar

  5. Terrific ShadowShots! Still Winter in NYC eigh? It's like Summer here in Phoenix. We're heading(up) to Spring in Idaho in a few weeks...Don't you just love the diversity in weather here in the USA?! Happy SSS.

  6. loved your shadow pictures :D
    and the last one is absolutely stunning :)


  7. Jelly beans in a yellow bowl, how delicious.

  8. What amazing, views of the city. Love the view of the skyline from your window, so ornate and the contrasting boxiness of the next shot..well caught!

  9. All great pics. But I'm having a hard time deciding between the view of the sky scrapers from your place or the artsy jumble of windows and colors from the collector's apartment. All so very different from here, yet so outstanding.

    P.S. went back to Mrs. Potato Head. She suits me better than that tourist with the big hat.

  10. Elizabeth, it was really, really cold here today, wasn't it? Really chilling.

    Your brilliant jelly beans do cast glorious shadows!

    Wow, I know which streets you saw from that apartment in the sky. Wonderful to read of the painting delivery.

    Best wishes. xo

  11. Stunning photos! I love the city shots and the geometric patterns in the building. And those Jelly Bellys, who cannot love those?

  12. this IS fun. & I love jelly beans!
    your shadows are lovely too & so is the view from your apartment.
    have a great weekend.

  13. WOW the biggness is striking- I wonder how it is possible...I have never been to NYC- it's SO MUCH! Your photos are excellent!

  14. Good photos, I am really envy about the view of your sitting room :)
    Is that district noisy?
    Winter came back here too, no snow, but only 4 degrees of C (39 F).

  15. Yum! Jelly belly beans! My faves! Great shadow shot and I just love the views of NYC! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and things start to warm up over there soon.

    PS - Yes my shots are Hipstamatics. I'm addicted to that app!

  16. Awesome photos, I loved them all. There is nowhere in NZ where there are city scenes like these.
    Spring will arrive for you sooner than for me as autumn has just started here.

  17. Favourite pic is 66th Street - and what great views from your apartment!

  18. The last photo is stunning. I'm befuddled,for some reason I've not been receiving updates of your blog and now see all that I've been missing from gorgeous flowers to shadows. I will never understand the techno whys of the computer world.

  19. I really like the picture looking down on cars.

  20. Oh, I showed those jelly beans to my daughter and she was swooning!!! I'm originally from Sicily but at the age of 9 we moved to New York. Then moved back to Italy, married and lived in India and Bangladesh for 10 years. My husband is now retired so we moved back to Sicily. If they reopen Trapani's airport soon, you should come to this area. It's not yet fully discovered but thanks to Ryan Airways so many tourists now come here. Unfortunately, because of the war, our airport has been closed down. Nice to meet you! One of your pictures almost had me in front of Central Park there is a tall building, Hampshire House...both my grandmother and mother worked there. Thank you for the memories!

  21. Love your NEw York pictures!! My favourite town in the world......Miss it!! Want to go back NOW!!!!
    Vibeke :-)


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