Thursday, March 17, 2011


Now the sun has finally come out, we venture outside to discover

a shop window smashed on 8th Avenue. 
At first it's hard to work out if the crime scene tape is part of the window display.

The sparrows chirp and preen as the first green shoots burst on 22nd Street.

Two people who don't know one another share a bench at lunch time...

... and down by Chelsea Piers sunny ripples reflect underneath the stern of the boat.


ps I have just discovered the gorgeous silk scarves of Yuni Kristina a wonderful Indonesian batik artist. They are available here through Novica a company that, in association with National Geographic, specializes in promoting the work of all sorts of craftspeople mainly in Asia and Central America.All eco-friendly and fair trade and all that good stuff, and excellent for corporate gifts as well as regular ones. And, yes, I am getting a super scarf for mentioning them!  


  1. Oh Elizabeth, you do get around.

    Yes, whenever I see any evidence of an actual NYC crime site (generally involves the subway) I have to pause to think...could this be true? When I watch the local 11 pm tv news, the stories do seem to focus on crimes, but usually not in Manhattan. That also seems odd, somehow.

    Still. Spring is advancing. I saw some forsythia just about to bloom in Central Park today, and also got over to Fifth Avenue for the parade. Might manage a blog.

    Want to catch up with you!

  2. I think the police did a lovely job with the crime scene tape.

  3. You are certainly correct about the crime scene tape (?) The sky cleared up here today as well- Dexter is pleased and I must say I think it has saved me from suicide!

  4. Sunshine at last!
    Nice photos.

  5. sunny days have come finally!

  6. The crime scene is a work of art. I am sure that it would win an installation prize!

    Wonderful photographs. I took the walk along with you. I so love visiting New York through your eyes.

  7. I've never seen a crime scene or crime scene tape. Well only in pictures and on tv. I especially liked the flair of yellow on the mannequin. Now I'm off to sigh over silk scarves.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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