Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Had to go to J&R Camera downtown . Subway to World Trade Center where things are actually being built at last. St. Paul's Churchyard in need of a spring raking.

Such a clear, bright (cold!) day.

The Woolworth Building looking rather splendid.

Snow forecast for tomorrow......



  1. Lovely photos!

    Brrrr..hope it warms up soon. We are having snow here in Boston tomorrow as well..........why oh why....

  2. Nice view of New York. Someday I hope to make it to that side of the forty-eight so I can visit. Hope you come up with a splendid new camera. Give Buster hugs.

  3. That First Photo is particularly excellent.. the sky caught in a moment of light and joy on a cold day! The nice balance in building perspective... Brilliant! I just love your photos.. you've a genuine flare, and nope - it ain't just the super material you have to work with! JO x

  4. Grand to see you today, Elizabeth. And also grand to see that the marvelous Woolworth Building is still looking so, so good. I remember walking past it twice a day back when I worked in that area. Its lobby is also gorgeous.

    Regards to Mr B.


  5. Nice photos!
    One of my favorite buildings is the Woolworth :)
    Snow forecast? Not good...

  6. Amazing views of urban architecture!
    I do not envy the snow:)

  7. No longer at hotmail.
    contact me at elizabethwix@gmail.com

  8. Snow for tomorrow?! Spring is such a fickle soul. I'm looking towards youthful Spring and hoping I don't have to look back at old man winter haha

  9. SNOW? NO! Spring has arrived! No going back.

  10. Lovely photos. Love that area of NYC.


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