Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Town of Blue Doors/Essouira/Maroc

Marrakesh is dusty pink and rose and coral; Essouira on the Atlantic Coast
 is blue and white with splashes of yellow.

Almost every single door is blue.....

 From the grocery... the one behind the basket seller's....

 ...and old doors to houses needing restoring

 Then, an anomalous red door -- just to keep you awake....

and blue

...and faded blue

...and very weathered indeed.


  1. ZING! It's so rainy and gray here - it does the soul good to see that blue.

  2. Fabulous blue doors!!! Loved this.

  3. Fabulous !
    How interesting what the dominated color of each city is.
    In one of my home in Laguna Beach I painted the front door blue, I love that color.
    Here in Tucson, I use lots of sage green. blue and lavenders. The colors I see in my view.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Essaouira My fave! Lovely to see glimpses. So long ago was I there I am sure it has cleaned up a bit- We stayed in the hotel Agadir- a dump! For .50 cents a night!Yup, long ago....
    Thanks you for these photos they send me into delightful raptures!

  5. Great pictures, you are so fortunate to be able to experience this place and culture. Is there a reason behind the blue doors other than preference?

  6. Nice collection of blue doors! Is there a specific reason or meaning to their blue doors. Just wondering since mine is blue too--just 'cause.

  7. I like that blue colour! I had a couple of doors painted blue in the smallest bedroom.

  8. Such a gorgeous rich shade of blue, too!

  9. Now I want to paint my doors blue!

  10. Blue is my favorite color!
    I like the photos!

  11. I'm really not quite sure if there is any sort of ruling or town ordinance about the color of the doors --or just tradition.
    The little fishing boats are the same color too.

  12. i'm transported.
    i can close my eyes and smell the spices and fish in the market and the sea air...

  13. Now I wish I could paint my front door blue - but alas, the good neighbors in my building would hang me out to dry!

    A fabulous post! xx

  14. And what a fantastic blue it is.
    And oh, that second shot. Like a holiday to look into it.

  15. These doors are so blue-tiful! I love them. Wish I could see them in person! Wonderful photos.


  16. I love all of those blue doors. How about painting the inside of your apartment door blue. I know that the outside has to conform, but we could see the color on our way out! Lovely!

  17. Gorgeous! Stunning pictures, Elizabeth!


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