Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scenes from Everyday Life/Marrakesh Medina

Some informal pictures of ordinary life in the old town.

Coffee, conversation and watching the world go by.....

 Bringing chickens to market.

 A woman in very traditional dress -- most younger ones are far less covered up.

Sweet pastries in the souk.

 The food stalls as dusk falls over the main square.

A rather alarming and all too common sight --two men up ladders doing important stuff to the electrics.
I'm glad it isn't me.

Waiting to buy the perfect chicken for dinner at the mellah covered market.


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  1. first time visit. Are you taking the photo's there? Are you Living there?


  2. Very good photo report about your journey. It is interesting place.

  3. I have a reflection, after watching your pictures, that this is probably the last peaceful country in this region...

  4. wow... love these pictures. i can live vicariously through these! Thank you :)

  5. You've captured the energy of the city so well...

  6. Wonderful and very colorful photos today !

    Cheers, parsnip

  7. Oh, that was heaven. The colours and the exotic, but especially how pin-sharp the photographs are. I could actually step into them! Thank you.

  8. Quite a contrast to NY city life and images - interesting to see.

  9. You must be having an amazing time!

  10. I know it would be fresh but I am glad I don't have to kill my chicken before I eat it. Memories of my father doing just that when we kept chickens.

  11. Really, you are a very talented photographer!
    Stunning photos of everiday life!


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