Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

Quite the stupidest weather. Yesterday there was snow and rain and sleet.
In the evening there were thunderstorms with hail.

This is looking out of the study window about seven this morning.

Ha! Decorative cabbages outside our building.

22nd Street.

I think the love-heart sticker is somewhat misplaced.

Not a good day for biking. Nor walking. Nor anything in particular.

A bad day too for the na
A bad day too for the poor magnolia all ready to bloom.
Last Friday I saw a girl in a sundress hmmmm......... 



  1. There is a Hungarian saying:
    "Ravasz a tavasz" = spring is tricky :) And it is true!

  2. very cold wather the bycycles one's is my fav

  3. It is crazy...there has been weather similar in Scotland just north of here! Our nights are still pretty frosty and foggy in the north of England! Think I saw the same little Christmas Robin the other morning! Madness is right.. but the sun is arriving. Again beautiful pics x JO*

  4. Such pretty photographs. We had just a dusting, just enough to remind all of us that Spring isn't here quite yet.

  5. Nice pics!

    Uf, yes, the weather is... crazy!!

    Here at the south of Spain, a normal spring day it´s a catalog of atmospherics phenomena: wind, rain, sun, clouds...
    It´s horrible, you´ll never know what to wear!! :)

  6. Spring is always lovely in Arizona because our seasons are pretty set
    Oh how I wish we had more of your weather. Tiring for you but much needed for us. Our lack of a wet winter will really impact our summer (wildfires) this year.

    Wonderful photos, the Magnolia one was my favorite.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Getting snow and bleh when you need it to END is awful. Getting it when there are blossoms and color is just WRONG.

  8. Elizabeth, I love the picture of the tulip magnolia tree. Think that the buds will still give forth flowers.

    It was a mess trekking home through the sleet (or was it hail) and thunder and lightning last night. So, so much better to have an afternoon walk with a friend after lunch today. Sun, blue sky. Still chilly, but great walking weather.

    So, March Madness is not just for basketball courts. Who've you picked to win?


  9. snowing again! we say in Poland March is like in a pan (a little bit of this and that):)

  10. At least it's sunny today. Hopefully the snow will melt in no time. Many of our flowers in the garden had already bloomed and I'm afraid to go and check if they are dead now. Poor things...

    Love the photo of the Magnolia.

    Happy weekend!

  11. In California, too, we are ready for winter to make its exit. They say here it will be spring next week, it's about time.

  12. I love all of your shadow shots today!! Particularly the cabbage and the magnolia! Really beautiful! We're certainly ready to be free of winter here in Seattle! I know it's not as cold here as it is in other places, but the chill, gray, rainy weather has been a real spirit smashing spring for lots of us! Have a great weekend, stay warm!



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