Friday, March 4, 2011

Doors and Windows in Gueliz/Marrakesh

Last Sunday morning we went up to Gueliz early, so all these photos are from the French colonial part of Marrakesh.

Gueliz is very different from the medina --obviously much newer -- but the bright clear Moroccan light and the love of color and decoration is very much the same. Here grille, tiles -and yes it is Astroturf!

This is the beer garden -- off limits to most Moroccans who prefer not to drink alcohol
 -- but much beloved by the ex-pat community.

As above

Yes, indeed. One is rendered quite speechless by pink and mauve with brown and tan tiles......!

Another abandoned shop quite close by.

Patisserie Marocaine glimpsed through the window. This will have to wait until after lunch.....



  1. Interesting and colourful with reflection of yourself.

  2. I am loving all of your photos that you have posted thus far- Buster must be a happy pooch!

  3. these are all such beautiful shots, & very inspiring too!

  4. Love the light and shadows in the second and third photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Interesting how warm countries love warm bright colors and cool countries often choose the more neutral tones. I enjoy the play of light and shadow in all those textures.

  6. Thanks for sending so much color our way. I've really enjoyed your posts from Morocco. And that truly was a very handsome kitty!

  7. Those colors are extraordinary!

  8. The dappled shade on the first photographs makes me long for summer and time to sit under the shade of the old apple tree down the bottom of our garden, or the tall silver birch.
    Thank you for the comment over on my blog (
    It is always nice to 'see' a new face and 'hear' a new voice.

  9. Your photographs of texture and shape are works of art in themselves. I love it that you show us these secret and shaded corners of Marakesh.

    Back next sunday.


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