Tuesday, March 29, 2011


For some reason Soho has more graffiti than other parts of town.

Maybe it's because it's meant to be artsy. The little yellow cat caught my eye.

In this one it was the peeling-off green paint. 
The black tagging is not that great. Maybe it isn't meant to be.

It was a horrid wet day, and the colors on the subway were  very subdued. 

I think this picture has more to do with triangles.
 You could play a game to see how many there were.......
that is, if you had huge amounts of time to waste.

This photo isn't New York (it's Marrakesh) but the same
 electrical stuff and men on ladders
 --so a sort of echo.

These are the bare trees at the park this morning.....
it was about 32'f..... but I do believe the buds are thickening.

The silk scarves I mentioned earlier have arrived yesterday very promptly from Bali.
Very exotic and gorgeous. I do recommend Novica. By coincidence, 
 Weaver of Grass, one of my top favorite blogs mentions them too today.  



  1. Lovely pictures. Lovely captions, too.

  2. I always look forward to your NY post and to see what is going on in the city.
    I notice on the "bare trees at the park this morning" the clouds are puffy little balls standing in line. Maybe a reflection ?

    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The colours, textures, shapes are superb. It is a joy to look at your post, particularly the graffiti and peeling paint, which I love.

    Also, I think it is a good combination of angles, from the beautiful in both nature and design, to the ugly but interesting.

  4. Blimey, I'd never heard of Novica and now twice in one day, feels like a sign.

  5. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures of New York. I live in Sicily but grew up in New York (the Bronx) in the 60s and 70s and I miss it a lot. It must have changed a lot since then. Looking forward to more pictures of New York. Following you from Trapani, Sicily!

  6. It's the triangle one for me. What a brilliant shot.

  7. Loved the picture on the subway. So New York. Sitting and staring straight ahead. Love NYC and love your pictures.

    Kandace T.

  8. Elizabeth, those patterned silks are gorgeous!

    On the SOHO graffiti front, I still remember back when I lived in SOHO in the late 70's, and you'd see SAMO graffiti (that we later learned by by Basquiat) and the blank black advertising poster spaces in the subway stations would overnight bloom with strange chalk drawings (that we learned were by Keith Haring.)

    Ahhh, those were the days, my friend.

    Cold, isn't it? We need some sunshine soon. xo

  9. So pretty clothes on the last picture.

  10. I like your combination of images. You have a great eye for capturing details - and putting them together with thoughtful posts.

    I find it really interesting what some people pick up on whilst others simple walk on by - without even registering! BB

  11. So many WOW factors in this entry. I love looking at those bare trees. The man bicycling on a jumpsuit with hood interests me.

  12. Great shots!! The picture from the subway is my absolut favourite!!!
    Vibeke :-)

  13. Wonderful glimpses into NYNY. Beautiful scarves too! I love the NY electrical crew juxtaposed with the Marrakesh one . . . Great contrast.

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  15. hey! you found my art - www.HelloMyNameisTY.com


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