Monday, April 4, 2011

Myers of Keswick

I want every single food item in Myers of Keswick....

... which looks exactly like shops used to when I was a child in England
 -- utterly old-fashioned and charming

It's not that the things always taste that wonderfully good --though some do
it's more the familiarity of them --the brand names one recognizes.
How can an ex-pat live without Marmite, one asks oneself?

And the sweets! No wonder English people have the reputation for having awful teeth. 
All the candy pictured above is really good. I particularly recommend the wine gums
 which are like much tougher Gummy Bears ---sort of.....

Now to the bangers and back bacon and clotted cream and all
 sorts of pies.....steak and kidney. YUM!

This window makes me laugh. Here we have royalty and a wedding --
very classy and suitable -- and then vulgar post cards and pins. Oddly,
England is a bit like that: a mixture of the tasteful and utterly tasteless.

So a last glance --more royalty and then TEA
the most important of beverages (not counting BEER).

Myers is on Hudson Street around 12th Street.


  1. I love fruit gums an Crunchies and Cadbury's Flakes too! What a lovely shop. What are the prices like?

  2. I'm not English and I want everything in that shop too !

    I happen to be in the UK right before Christmas and what a treat. I was walking around York and I got to see the Butchers shop all decorated, the Bakeries and the Square in York filled with flowers, greens and Holly too ! So perfect !
    Your post brought back some lovely memories.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Elizabeth, I agree with you about that lovely shop on Hudson Street.

    My neighborhood Fairway market carries lots of the same packaged goods (Marmite et al.) but doesn't make mince pies at Christmas and do other traditional seasonal items.


  4. Ahhh Bisto....! HP sauce, Branston's pickle to name but a few that sit happily in my kitchen cupboard. As a child I loved the "Love hearts" sweets - they used to have little sayings on them. I take it the (lovely) shop does well.

    I used to take Tunnocks Caramel Wafer biscuits (perhaps only available in Scotland(?)) to my friend who lives in Switzerland and then her taste buds changed and they were never as good as she remembered them to be.

  5. Our grocery store in little Fallbrook has endcaps of British food items like you pictured. They were added fairly recently. I didn't know there were enough Brits in Fallbrook to account for this. I always wonder about the different products and which to try. Maybe I'll start with the sweets.
    For some reason this reminded me of a time I was in the UK, several years ago (maybe 30) and I ordered tea in a restaurant and the waitress said "We don't do tea" My boyfriend and I were flabbergated! They only served coffee.

  6. Oh indeed this makes me yearn! I used to go up to Stevestown outside of Vancouver to a small shop. Fresh scones hot out of the oven with proper tea- clotted cream and strawberries as well as buying anything from england- I usually came home with spotted dick because it is funny! Anyway the little couple died and the shop closed. Love your shop! It has EVERYTHING!

  7. Hello Elizabeth, missing you a lot :) if I am there or in England, I will buy that royalty souvenier. It's been forever since I went to London, but I remember loving all those shops like this. Hope you are doing well. big hugs always.

  8. This is a shop I'd love to visit. I'm stilling chuckling at the royal and raunchy window.

  9. Yes, it certainly depicts England and 'Englishness' What an amazing store!
    My two sisters and I are going to try to plan a reunion in new York - so if it comes off, I can see things for myself - exciting thought!

  10. yes you are right .. and again I see a mug with kate and william
    my friends daughter lives in London amd soon as possible Ill get one from there .. tks for sharing this cosy fotos

  11. How interesting. To think you can buy Marmite in NYC.

    The wedding stuff is really tacky.

  12. I also love the old-fashioned and charming shops.
    I would love to be there...
    Great photos!

  13. Oh, How I love your New York! I can't wait to get back. Odd how you picture my favorite tea... Yorkshire.. It's hard to find here sometimes (Vancouver Island, BC)
    Now I am wondering if this wonderful store carries my Mom's favorite mincemeat? If only I could remember the name...


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