Monday, April 18, 2011

Nyack Details

The season of street fairs is upon us.

Still a little chilly, but good to see all the people wandering
 in the streets with no cars to run them over.

A small Yankee fan goes for a ride.

Lots of bikes about. This helmet is extra gruesome.

Ah! Springtime up the Hudson!

 Everything wakes up --

 the ancient lilacs send out delicate leaves.

the periwinkle and the tulips replace the daffoldils.

 The magnolia dazzles.

The sturdy Public Library looks a repository of good things

and the Hudson looks wide as a sea.

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  1. That Magnolia truly is dazzling, absolutely stunning.

    When I was last in New York, I loved the street fairs and markets, we don't have those here, only Car Boot Sales, which aren't exactly the same....tatty really!

  2. Many thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments, Jane.

    I'll be doing some more on our Garden and my own too, so please keep in touch.

  3. Magnolia definitely my fav pic though the wee Yankee is pretty cute!

  4. I also liked the lilac picture...lots of tangling branches.

    Don't you wish that we might have two or three gorgeous days in a row, rather than having these chilled, windy rainy days? So far, my umbrella is surviving.


  5. Laughing at the motorcycle helmet. My work involves creating art to be printed on shirts and hats. There's something about roaring engines that seems to need to be decorated with--SKULLS AND FLAMES!!! Note to self: stay away from guys who decorate with skulls and flames.

    On the other hand the blossoms, babies, river and architecture are wonderful.

  6. Oh boy! Spring is delightful through your eyes!


  7. I want your grandson`s woolly hat..lovely images Elizabeth - especially love the last one of the Hudson River.


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