Monday, April 25, 2011

Brooklyn Sunday Afternoon

Took the 'L' train to Bedford Street in Brooklyn

where cool cafes abound.

Walked down to the newly refurbished waterfront and gazed back at Manhattan
 --such a lovely warm afternoon with everyone relaxing on the lawn....

 which was right next to a flea market selling flea market type stuff...

which, unlike lots of people, I find more depressing than thrilling, anyway

 there were lots of stalls selling snacks. Here porchetta rolls -- beautiful roast pork with crackling --

and people selling drinks too.


This last picture just for fun. Apparently you can buy a book by
Fiona Goble called "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding".
What will they think of next?


  1. Would love to go to Brooklyn to capture the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline. Is Brooklyn quite the place to go these days?

  2. Yes, Brooklyn is full of trendy young people and makes me feel rather ancient!

  3. WOW summer clothing already! We are still in wellies and pea coats, two layer days.
    The knit your own wedding is absolutely amazing- totally cool! Think I'll use it for my facebook profile...

  4. Love, Love, Love, the "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding" what fun !
    The Corgis are super cute. I wonder what the Queen names her Corgis ? After all the Lords and Ladies she deals with on a daily bases one would think their names might be Spot, Jane or Boris.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Oh the lovely lifestyle portrayed in the first photos and then the juxtaposition with the knitted royal wedding. Bonkers but glorious!

  6. Once again you've stirred up some happy memories! When we were last in Brooklyn, we went to the Park and spent a lovely afternoon there, followed by watching "Rear Window" on the grass in the evening. Great day!

    Could I copy your photo of the knitted wedding? I can't find it anywhere and I think it's brilliant!

  7. Glad you finally got some sunshine! A little jealous here. The blue sky and the lack of jackets is a great way to enjoy time away. I'm with you on flea markets, but the food looks very inviting and the people so fun.

  8. Okay...a nice day, sunshine, a flea market with plenty of snacks?!?! Sounds pretty much perfect! :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  9. I would like to try the rolls:)


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