Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Bit Horticultural

A warm, sunny afternoon at last. We walk down 21st Street.

I like wandering about imagining what it would be like to live in such and such house.
This is one I feel I would be quite happy in. I imagine there is a garden behind the house too.

Kerria is rather a jolly bush --the same color as a school bus. It reminds me of English gardens.

A forget-me-not with a variegated leaf amidst the spent crocus leaves

Ah! The subtlety of the Lenten Rose.

 A wonderful display of Easter flowers at the much-too-expensive shop on the corner of 9th Avenue.

Happy Easter



  1. Very nice photos. I also would like to live in that house! :)
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. just hopped in


    to say happy easter!
    on my way to the beach
    as it is fun to hunt eggs
    amongst the dunes,
    you know...

    {{ secretly secretly
    i am dreaming
    Where i hope to Be this time
    next month...
    Inshallah }}

    ~~sending head*pats
    to Buster
    if he will be wearing
    silly bunny ears on sunday~~

  3. Elizabeth, do you think that there is room for one more in that charming house with the garden in back?

    The spring flowers are scrumptious, aren't they!

    Happy Easter back to you and yours. xo

  4. Happy Easter!
    I could also live in such a house!:)

  5. I am coming to live in that house, too ... so it will have to be quite large to accomodate us all!

    Love the photos and the atmosphere they create.

  6. Happy Easter!
    Great photos. Great pleasure to see all these juicy greens from "green-to-be someday" Moscow))

  7. Thanks for the walk and the horticulture lesson. Outstanding pics.

  8. Hydrangea - one of my fav flowers. Like how No 43 is cleverly incorporated in to "your" house gate!

  9. A Happy Easter to you too!

    I hope you get lots of Easter Eggs, my bedroom is full of them, ready to give out this weekend.

  10. Happy Easter!
    Masterful shots - the shadows captured in the first are stunning!

  11. Happy Easter to you and the family. Lovely Spring photos of NYC. The Kerria is lovely. I think mine is way, way behind. The weather is awfully cold for April! Cheers Lori

  12. Happy Easter Elizabeth! Hope you are having a wonderful day! xoxo

  13. Hi,
    The flowers in the last picture are called Hydrangeas here in the UK because they like to be watered so much. I have some blue and pink ones in my garden.
    Lots of lovely flowers.
    Hope you had a Happy Easter.


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