Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Union Square. Friday.

 The irises rise from the ground to observe the very green chairs.

 I go to ogle the herbs --the curly parsley and the sage......

 If anyone knows where I can get fegato alla salvia (Italian liver with sage), I will bless you for ever. Sage looks so very pretty in all its varieties -- and has such a lovely blue flower, but, on the whole, it's not a terribly interesting culinary herb. Others will disagree!

Parrot tulips --how they yell at you just as King Alfred daffodils do
 --and how glad we are of it after a dull winter.

The diner on 6th Avenue around 16th Street has splendid seasonal windows*.

How the bunnies will hop when full of carrots......

and the goose will give an enigmatic carrots involved, as far as I know.

* The artist is Noelle.


  1. The bright green chairs contrast so much with the at present so ungreen trees.
    I managed to get a number of unusual varieties of Sage from a herb nursery in Kent once but they are now long gone as I find they do outgrow themselves.

  2. Fantastic, vibrant colours of green. First pic just jumps out at you! We're really beginning to green up over here in Scotland too!

  3. The first photo was very funny, it does look like the irises are checking out the very green chairs !
    I too would be ogling all the herbs and the Parrot Tulips. Fantastic !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. 'Green' intrigued me, as a post title. My favourtie colour is green. I loved your choice of shots for this post - the beautiful and the pretty; the combination of nature and art.
    I was so cheered by it.

  5. WOW I am loving these larger photos! LOVELY! How did you get them to be so impressively large? Stunning, they are!

  6. Linda Sue

    just crop them square!they come out bigger ......who knows why!!!

  7. They are the greenest chairs I've ever seen, I'd love just one in my too brown garden. Some parrot tulips would also be good.

  8. What are those very bright chairs there for I wonder? Union Square seems so far away right now. My old tromping grounds :) My buns LOVE the farmer's market!

    Love the window art!

  9. Wonderful!!! My geese are very involved with carrots, they adore them.Lovely photos.

  10. Last year we spent Easter in New York, as I miss this time, this year. Happy Easter for all.

  11. The first shot is just brilliant!

  12. Il Cantinori Ristorante Toscano serves that in the east village!

  13. Sighing for all the herbs in your photos. What enchantment those windows are, even in the middle of the city.

  14. The Spring is great! I love all those fresh greens in the first few pictures and the bunny decorated diner is great!
    Thanks for your comment-I do love planning! Thanks also for the book recommendation about the writing book-just finished it a couple of days ago-it's great! She is so enthusiastic it is infectious!

  15. Wow where did they get those neon green chairs? I love the herbs too. Maybe I should grow some this summer.


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