Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Maybe

It is trying to be spring in New York. Well, up to a point.
Yesterday it was sunny, and then mean, little black clouds appeared.
At first I thought it was bits of blossom being blown off trees,
but it was snow.

This is a tree doing its best.

And one doing better. 
But look at the color of the sky at 3pm.
 The people in hats and jackets.

Not a good day for a walk. What an alarming lobby.
Last puppy picture for a bit.
Babies and small animals utterly entrancing to their besotted owners
which is exactly as it should be. 
The rest of the world likely to expire from cuteness fatigue.

ps. Brief book report. 
 Winifred Holtby's The Crowded Street( 1924)
Made me remember a vanished world.....
Aunt Beatrice on her unmarried state: It's when you grow older and the people who needed you are dead. And you haven't a home nor anyone who really wants you  -- and you hate to stay too long in a house in case someone else should want to come -- and of course it's quite right.


  1. Of course I love the pictures of the city- but I'm nowhere near about to expire from cuteness fatigue- I adore that sweet little face.

  2. I agree - that is one cute pup. It will be fun to watch him (her??) grow. Slow, cold Spring here in Michigan, too.

  3. The puppy pictures are like crack! We need more! More!

  4. I was curious about "The Crowded Street". Such a poignant line you gave us today.

    I've not tired of that sweet little face yet!

  5. Oh, I have enjoyed every single moment of catching up on your blog, Elizabeth, and looking at your always wonderful photographs. I’ve not been around much because I’ve frantically trying to finish two – very large – paintings for submission to the RA Summer Exhibition. They, neither of them, have a hope in Hades of getting accepted but it was such fun trying!

    Guy went to the Neue Galerie when we were in New York last year and he fell hook, line and sinker. He was gone for hours and hours. Wish I’d not missed it, but daughter and I were shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch for her sister instead. Still, there is always next time.

    What an absolutely perfect puppy you’ve adopted. Look at that adorable little face…gosh, who could resist! The photo of him on that black and white rug is worthy of enlargement and framing. Brilliant!

    Your meme made me laugh out loud – especially your sagacious warning against iPods! It’s amazing, really, how revealing these are despite their brevity. Yum at the leftover chilli and avo. (The avocados we get here in England have travelled too far and been in cold storage too long to taste as good as they should, I think.) Great meme and yes please, I’d love to give it a go!

    Your writer’s gatherings sound wonderful. I keep meaning to buy your books – in fact, I’ll pop over to Lulu and do it immediately.

    Snow in April! Oh lordy, please let it stop – I need the sun and I need it now!

  6. Oh it was a strange weather day here yesterday with the snow shower and very cold temps ... spring in NYC is truly skitzo

  7. I love the tilt photos. I am a fan of them.

    That puppy keeps getting cuter every day.

  8. we had sun ,rain, snow flurries & dark grey clouds all at once on the Long Island Expressway yesterday.
    I'm with you Beth, I need more cuteness too!

  9. I like the architecture of nature set against the building's architecture. Nice contrast.

    We noticed last Friday in nyc so many women still wearing tall leather boots! Whether a fashion statement, or plain cold weather wear, the look suits the city.

  10. Don't hold back on Buster's pictures for my sake - he is adorable. How is the toilet training going?

  11. Is there really any such thing as cuteness fatigue? Your puppy is adorable.

    Love your city pics, too, of course.

    It's trying to be spring here, too. The trees and grass and flowers are not daunted. But we humans would appreciate just a little more warmth!

  12. I hope that sweet puppy can soon walk in spring sunshine!

    Dare I say say that here spring has sprung with summery temperatures for what by now seems days on end? Everybody's out there, sipping coffee. Everybody but me. Tomorrow!

  13. As a dog-owner - besotted - I never tire of puppy photos!
    Our time in NY draws near so we are hoping that Spring has arrived when we do!

  14. We got little snow flurries here in Connecticut yesterday too. I couldn't believe it. And I don't have cuteness fatigue from your puppy. I love puppies and dogs! You make a good point though. When I have my baby in the fall I'm going to have to be careful not to post the hundreds of pictures of him/her that I know I'll be taking! That would indeed be cuteness fatigue for everyone but my mother and I.

  15. your pup does not look at all sure that he is ready to head out into this wet spring...

  16. All: the puppy is very impressed that the entire world has noticed him!
    Weather better today, thank heavens.

    Willow: I am marching through every single Persephone book and thought at first that "The Crowded Street" was a bit tract-like but it has such interesting things to say about the position of women.
    W. Holtby also wrote a biography of Virginia Woolf and was a friend of Vera Brittain.
    Everyone goes on about girls being all caught up in getting married--but the alternative before girls were properly educated was grim indeed...
    It would make a super book-club discussion.
    Happy Easter!

    French Fancy: Puppy is paper trained. Peed on the street this morning when he saw a LARGE dog.
    Much praise given for great, astounding accomplishment.....!
    Oh parenthood.

    Donna: I'm sure everyone will love to see pictures of a lovely brand new person in the fall.
    This is so exciting.

  17. No cuteness fatigue here! I see a whisper of green on those tree branches! Spring has sprung.

    my verification word is I supposed to make a Dr. appt. or something?

  18. it's definitely the 'maybe' factor when mentioning the word 'spring' this year - yours sounding much like ours - the flowering tree keeps me hopeful - hows that puppy doing walking with a leash? 'cute' is definitley the operative word here.....

  19. No, keep the puppy pics coming. Have you decided on a name yet?

  20. I could never be tired of cuteness!

  21. Lovely doggie! Your photos show that in spite of the cold, spring on its way! Have a really great and blessed Easter! And sunny if possible!

  22. Oh, keep on posting pictures of that adorable cuteness!! Always nice to see pics of NY in spring...even with a gray sky.

  23. Oh no! Snow! I'm so sorry.

    I don't think the world could have too much puppy, kitten or baby cuteness~ especially when it's MY baby!

  24. Thank you for that book recommendation ... will check the library stacks on my next visit.

    Is it to be Buster? Please do not stop the photos.


  25. Finally...spring has sprung haha!! No more snow pictures...and I am so looking forward to all those spring and summer ones, happy weekend :p

  26. Oh, I disagree about the babies and puppies. At least I hope you're wrong! Because what will I post about?

  27. Pet Parenthood is the best - mind you it's the only sort I've known. But think - no dirty stop outs, no 'using our place like hotel', no teenage pregnancies, no answering back - dogs beat kids every time.

  28. Still snowing in spring? Madness! I love your cute puppy pics! More!

  29. I like that "cuteness fatigue" expression, although it does not apply on this case. Very cute puppy, congrats!


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