Friday, April 24, 2009

Empire Diner a Dove and a Poem

as burgeoning spring
demands poetic response
we bloggers will sing

The other day Tracy wrote that she had bought a book of haiku. Willow has been celebrating poetry month. The whole blogosphere is awash with poets and writers. An idea: Tracy and I thought Monday May 11th might be a good day for lots of us to post small blog- sized snippets of joy or wisdom or merely fun. Pictures too.....
She made this beautiful image to go with the idea.
Our friends in the Antipodes haven't got spring of course, but they have melancholy and equally poetic autumn. If you let me or Tracy know we can add you to a list, but this isn't necessary.

The Empire Diner, a real classic. Corner of 9th Avenue and 22nd Street.

An enigmatic stencil. 24th St. Gallery District


  1. The festival avatar looks so good in the post, Elizabeth! And I am very excited about this festival and "co-hosting" it with you! I will putting up my invitation post during the weekend. Hope many will want to join in and share the delights of haiku and poetry. :o)

  2. I love the character of diners. We were at the Skylight Diner on
    34th a few weeks ago, lots of personality!

  3. I'm game, you can add me to the list. I like the stencil graffitti......

  4. Cool about your poetic celebration.

    I think I've been to that diner once or twice before.


  5. Elizabeth, what a wonderful idea, I would love to join you!

  6. Sounds Great Elizabeth!
    I've never written a haiku,
    but would love to figure it out and give it a whirl!


  7. I might be missing something....where do i join in? :))

  8. Braja:
    I will just add your name to the list which will be posted a few days before May 11th and also on the actual day.
    I will make the list with LINKS so people can just click on.

  9. My old neighborhood diner! We have no diners here. Horrible. I will be on vacation, computer free. If I think of something I'll post before I leave, but no need to add me to the list.(Just in case.)
    Enjoy the weekend, Elizabeth!

  10. hooray
    wonderful idea
    I am game
    and I love
    that stencil!

    oh happy day E
    the sun is shining brightly
    the violets call

    xox - eb.

  11. Good idea . . . please count me in.

    It might be fun to make this a monthly event, too. Haiku are so nice and neat; bloggers can read many!

  12. delightful idea!
    i can't believe the month almost got by me. i only realized today & posted two favorite (though melancholy) poems.

  13. loved the diner photo - hmmmm, I've never written a haiku, but will give it a shot!

  14. I'm not very good at haikus - they always sound so stilted. that one's good.

  15. yes it;'s very national poetry month--my poet friends have benn writing a poem a day at

    and i love your haiku ladycakes...

  16. Your glimpse of the art deco diner is a great shot. It is good to know such things survived into the twenty-first century. I want in on the poetry day. I hope you will remind us when the time comes?

  17. Its sounds like a wonderful idea Elizabeth! Count me in!

    I am always amazed that the diner has not been bought as yet so that a high rise some"thing" can replace it on it's valuable corner...I hope it holds on.

  18. There's something about a diner that says character and good times. I've never explored my poetry side...not so sure I even have one but it will be fun to read the ones posted.

  19. Dear French Fancy:
    I wrote the invitation haiku in the bath with the dog as audience which is why it is so specially wonderful.
    Yes, they do often sound a bit stiff,
    but it's sort of fun to play with the words like a Victorian parlour game.
    How about sonnets next.......?!!
    and so on until we come to epics........

  20. IF my life slows down enough, I'd enjoy doing the haiku. I'll let you know around May 1st...

  21. This might encourage me to write a haiku. I've never tried. I'm too chatty. It might be good discipline!

  22. You can add me to the list please!

  23. you KNOW I'm IN!!!

  24. This sounds like a lovely idea! I love to write Haiku and other poetry on each of my blogs frequently, just because. I'd love to participate on May 11th ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. I'd love to participate - thank you!


I look forward to hearing from you!