Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elephants, Tigers a Camel

Friends came over to hear about our trip to India. Oh boy, holiday snapshots!
Show and tell. At least you can put the photos on the computer as a slide show
with the Ken Burns effect --minus the mopey music
and chat through the whole thing.
Oddly, we didn't buy too much in India but were charmed
 by the wooden elephant and tiger above.
Their heads and tails bob up and down when you circle a little wooden ball.
Four year old twins of our acquaintance here they come.
Do not let Danny-Patty (little brother) eat them as the paint is sure to be toxic.

This painting is even smaller than shown here and shows a pretty typical family
both in elephant and real worlds.  Parents locked together
 in affection or combat --or both. One child hanging out with Mom and Dad
the other off in search of adventure.....

Obviously, I am a complete sucker for images elephants. 
These nice pink ones run round on soft light cotton.


These green ones trot round the corner of an enormous piece of fabric
 which could be a table cloth or even a bedspread.


Elephant silk scarf sent to daughter -- but the little camel is lovely too.


  1. I am a sucker for elephants too .. love those shots, nice angles which never fail to involve me ...

  2. The wooden animals are delightful! And the textiles, as well! I would love to spend an evening at your place and hear al-l-l-l about your trip.

  3. You'd like our dining room curtains then - gold and red brocade with golden elephants on them.

    I bet you saw so much there you wanted to buy.

  4. Ohh fil (=elephant), I like this large mammals after camels. Pink, green prints and also scarf so cute things! Loved!

    Did you know, the elephant symbolizes good luck, wisdom, strength and power in Turkish culture. It's believed this all would find the one, dreams to be realized if s/he lines up 7-fil in the home, from the smallest sized to the biggest sized. One of the strong symbolizes after the Evil Eye Blue bead.

  5. We are back to the fine colours of India again, aren't we Elizabeth? There is something about the strong colours they use which I find so attractive. Love the elephants too.

  6. All such wonderful colours! Perfect.

    I like your new header too :)

  7. I am a big sucker for Elephants too, and bought 2 when I was in KK recently. The heaviest one was made of stone, which I had to lug it back all the way from Cambodia. Love the elephant thought you would have brought at least one container back from India with plenty of purchases :P
    much love/m

  8. I just love times like that shared with friends.

    Wonderful images.


  9. Elephants are lovely people.
    Thanks for sharing your caravan with us. aloha-

  10. Beautiful shots--your colors are so full of life!

  11. What fun, and such a fine collection of elephants.

  12. Love the colors. So much life in those fabrics and painting!


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