Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Evening NYU

In the very few moments spent not entertaining this....
I try to do some writing.

 A group of us often get together to talk about writing.
Usually we meet in someone's home where the snacks are a bit better.
(But we don't often have saki).
This week we borrowed a room on Lafyette Street belonging to NYU.

It turned out to have a grand piano.  A jazz band practiced below us.
 Anna, like the room, was a study in black and white...

There were reflections both literal and metaphorical.

... and intriguing glimpses into the building opposite.


  1. What a fun writing group! Hey, and saki, too!

    I love that gorgeous textile your pup is on.

  2. I belonged to a writing group for several years. It's an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Huh? I never thought to bring saki though. Sweet puppy!

  3. What an inspiring place to talk writing! A grand piano (did anyone play?), a jazz band below, amazing views. Art all around!

  4. oh how nice you have a group like this~! and can i meet your puppy please.

  5. Willow: Rug,a memento from Morocco, has since been rolled up. Too interesting a chew toy!
    Muse: Personally hate saki but it did lead to a cheery evening. This is a fairly new writers' group. I was in one on Long Island for almost 20 years.
    Joanne: Yes, Deniz Hughes who teaches film composition at NYU did play the piano for little while at the end.
    BonBon: Please come over whenever you want.
    Puppy likes worshippers.....! e-mail me.
    We could also talk about India.

  6. Has Buster been a 'naughty boy' yet? Puppies are such fun but they are also very tiring.

    Love the photos - I must think of some new and original phrases with which to admire your pics.

  7. I imagine its hard to concentrate with such a delightful distraction ... but I sense a book about puppies in the works ...

  8. The food looks great, and my cats would love to get their little claws into that rug.

    It sounds like a fun evening with lots of creative sparks flying around.

    I have been thinking about forming some kind of "creative" group here where people can learn about art, writing, music, and photography.

  9. I’m glad to see you’ve found a writer’s group in NYC. Welcome new puppy! It’s like having a toddler without diapers. So cute! Have you picked a name yet?

  10. I too belong to a writers' group, Elizabeth and we met yesterday and had a most rewarding discussion. When such things work out it can be so stimulating. Hope yours went well too.

  11. okay, pictures of the puppy are pretty hard to beat, but the last photo definitely is high on the list - really beautiful Elizabeth! oooo, and your sidebar is back! yea!

  12. How I wish I had a writers group to share with. When we move back to the city, perhaps.

  13. Cute puppy and what a beautiful pic of the building with the lights!

  14. French Fancy: Buster has been pretty good.
    His foster mother told my daughter in law that she wasn't sure if he was paper trained since she had 8 dogs in the house.....He is.
    Thinks the entire contents of the apartment are chew toys. In fact, is proving nomal. He's fine:I'm exhausted.

    Weaver: Writer's group is wonderful.
    I hope yours is really enriching too.
    Things shared/read aloud are quite different and one can often see what could be clarified or improved.

    Linda Sue:
    Yes, my life is a very fortunate and wonderful one. I occasionally need to be reminded of this.

  15. NYU - three letters say it all!
    I second your observation that snacks always taste better at other people's houses!

    (My word verification "chihuly" -
    like in Dale Chihuly)

  16. This just sounds wonderful to me! There are many of us that would love to join you!

    Your puppy is so cute.

  17. hands down the cutest puppy i have ever seen! he is just so sweet!

    on morandi: yes. like the simplicity of his compositions, great subtle value changes. helped to center me more. thank you!

  18. those eyes are precious.
    & your gathering of writer friends sounds grand & looks delicious.

  19. delightful! how old is your puppy?

  20. Now that sounds like fun! My next bookclub meeting will be at a Greek Restaurant that just opened up a Wine Store. We'll discuss books while doing some wine tasting. Now, how much reading will be done, that is something to see ;)
    Oh, and I love Buster's look!

  21. I want to squueeeeeze that puppy! Hehe. So cute! :)

  22. Lovely photo's... I especially am drawn to the golden tones windows across the streen where your book club met! Roxanne


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