Friday, April 3, 2009

Culture and Cake

C Train to 79th Street. 
Noble sort of statue outside the Museum of Natural History.
Lots of school children around and a very blue sky.
Bus through the park to 5th Avenue.

The Neue Galerie is positively one of my favorite places in New York.
Frances and I think we should move in immediately. Such elegance.
Even the type faces on the posters outside the bathrooms enchant.
No photos allowed in the Brucke exhibition.

But the staircase!

Then we come to the other good bit: the Cafe Sabarsky.
Wood panelling, a grand piano, views of Central Park.
 Austrian doughnuts with apricot jam oozing out.
Merisi, I was thinking of you.
The coffee mit Schlag. (Forgive my attempt at German.)

The cake was perfection: coconut, almond and mango.

In the evening, Eugene Brodsky's opening at Sears Peyton on 11th Avenue.
The open fire escape door an automatic photo op.


  1. Thank you,
    your are sweeter than a cake mit Schlag! :-)

    I had an absolute blank today.
    No idea what to post.
    Thank you for the boost!

    May your weekend be filled with sunshine and - perchance - some torte mit Schlag? ;-)
    Me, I am going to Bad Ischl,
    Zauner Cafe'! *smile*

  2. Ah, a Wayne Thiebaud moment!

  3. Love the fire escape door shot .. all those lovely lines/angles ...

  4. love the Neue Galerie... ANd the Schlag...

  5. The Neue has become one of my favorite places, too.


  6. Anything with Cake gets my attention! The Neue is at the top of my list for my next trip home. And a respite at Cafe Sabarsky would be the next best thing to having coffee with Merisi!

  7. oh delicious! so much more elegant than borders! do youthink we could insist on proper china?

    i've tagged you for a meme - don't know the protocol or if this is as lame as a chain letter so let me know. (i know you will) (for me it was a nice kickstart) magpie

  8. Cake and culture? Now that is my idea of a good day. (in that order, of course)

  9. It reminds me of Merisi's Vienna too! Thank you for your wonderful glimpses of New York that you afford those of us who dwell far away.

    Anything "mit Schlag" is a winner in my book!

  10. geez! what a fabulous bunch of photos - desert for the eyes! I have lingered here awhile and still don't want to leave so will go back and take a tour again! thanks Elizabeth!

  11. Yesterday, it was a toss-up between going to the Neue Galerie for all of its culture, or to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to catch the Pierre Bonnard exhibit before it closes on the 19th! The latter won our hearts this time, reluctantly foregoing the elegance and cakes at The Cafe Sabarsky! Very nice photos of the Neue staircase.

  12. Yes, a treat for the eyes and palate. Wishing you an "apricot-filled" weekend!

  13. That cake looks divine. So does everything else, oh but did I say the cake looked wonderful

  14. hey. i never knew there was a statue of my horse in NYC? wow. man. that cake looks DELICIOUS....digging in hand bag now for snicker bar instead...always beautiful here. always. xxx j

  15. Nice pics,bet the cake and coffee? was yummy....Barb

  16. I was about to drool over the cake until you mentioned coconut.

    Your new header is interesting but it makes me dizzy!

  17. That was such a lovely staircase but it pales next to the cake :)))

  18. Hello to you Elizabeth!

    Isn't it great that Merisi saw our cakes and coffee! Wonderful international cross-polination.

    It was such fun to relax in that cafe yesterday, with Central Park just over our shoulders.

    Your India photos were so beautiful, and really let me have more of an idea of what it could be to actually be there, live there.

    Hard to return to reality at the shop today. Still the sun did come out and light up the blue sky just as the slip of a moon arose in the east.


  19. Such a yummy post today!

  20. Never seen a cake like that before, I guess I've lead a sheltered life when it comes to pastry........

  21. Interesting....another place I have yet to visit in NYC. You're right, the type faces on the posters outside the bathrooms are terrific.

  22. Found your blog over on High Desert Diva. As a former NYer, love seeing the pics!

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