Friday, April 17, 2009


Getting invited over for leftovers is raised to the level of art
 when the  leftovers were cooked for a photo shoot by Marco Canora.
When we had finished eating all we could manage

we looked at some of the photos taken of the food for Marco's book
 Salt to Taste which is due out this fall. 
Everything was delicious but the lasagna verde and a fish
 and potato spread from Lucca stunned.
 The book is about how to make all these things at home. 
I asked Marco where he shopped for ingredients: the green market
 at Union Square and Chelsea Market. 
Exactly where I shop. Now all I need is the book and our lives will be much improved.

Lots of art yesterday. Here Lucille Nurkse with Final Concert
from  Jazz and Art/an exhibit celebrating America's musical art form at
 the Hudson Guild Gallery on 26th Street. The show runs until June 10th.

ITMA. (It's that man again.....) Preston Trombly with 
Turning on Green in the same show.

For some reason yesterday was an embarrassment of riches.
It was finally spring and everything seemed new, vibrant and exciting.
This tree reminded me of Samuel Palmer's visions
 of Kentish orchards long ago.

Even the mural painted by children at a local school delighted me.
 Maybe it was the dog.......

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  1. You are certainly leading very artful and busy lives.....

  2. An embarrassment of riches ... Aren't those the best days, all the senses engaged, full of life? What a wonderful day in the city!

  3. an embarrassment indeed...
    i LOVE those pear trees. it's my favorite thing about spring in the city.

  4. A perfect New York day! I would have loved every event. Now I'm homesick!

  5. Yes, its the dog; Buster Love. Goes with Spring.

  6. Oh yum .. what a spread .. and those dogwood trees are everywhere adding such a nice feeling to the city

    See you tomorrow!

  7. Hey, that kind of fits with out food town shoot out. You should really join us. Next week the assignment is open to anything you want to shoot.

    Love the exhibit!

  8. Sounds like the perfect evening!
    How's Buster???

  9. a very happy post--lucky girl to get to get to eat that deliciousness!! you're was finally spring yesterday...

  10. That food had my mouth watering, Elizabeth. That tree in full lossom reminded me of AE Housman's Shropshire Lad and "Lovliest of trees, the cherry now......" - as usual a colourful post (this time with added food.)

  11. Wow...the food looked delicious...especially the fish & potato spread from Lucca. Oh how I miss NY!

  12. what an amazing dining experience! I love all these art shots - creativity with so many different voices....

  13. I like your new blog look...

    My, what an interesting life you are leading there in New York! Delicious too.

  14. I always thought food had to be photographed through special filters etc. But that certainly wouldn't be true of the blossom!

  15. I love your blog.

    Our lives are so very different, it's wonderful to be able to get a glimpse of another life,


  16. I would so love to live your life for a week, Elizabeth

  17. Lucky you, Elizabeth! Miz New Yorker!


I look forward to hearing from you!