Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From the Sublime to............

Preston had said there would be good nibbles at the art opening.
There probably had been before the ravening hoards of art
lovers descended. We were hungry.

In New York there are pizza parlors on every block.
(And nail parlors too. The twin delights of the city).

We order a white slice, a mushroom and olive slice and broccoli one for me.

All sorts of obscure sodas. I want tap water and they give me a little plastic
cup so I can get it out of the soda machine. I get an entire cup of ice by mistake.

PS. We think Lombardi's on Spring Street has the very best pizza.
Patsy's thin crust is pretty  good.
We are open to suggestions.

Buster's blog here


  1. suggestions?


    i suggest
    you order a white slice,
    a mushroom and olive slice
    and broccoli one for me,

    {{ PS--if in tampa, FL,
    go here---->
    for pizza
    and you will thank me }}

  2. I haven't had pizza in a while, although I love it. My favorite's used to be Ray's Pizza. ;-)

    Yes, lets go to the arts club next time.


  3. I love broccoli on pizza too – it’s even better with spinach in a calzone so it doesn’t burn. Good to have the best pizza in the Village recommendation. Fun photos! I like the last one the best.

  4. Vienna has also great pizza, at
    Il Sestante at Piaristengasse/Maria-Treu-Gasse. They have great outdoor seating, a church square, offering you baroque views.

  5. Big Nick's Pizza Joint(and Big Nick's Burger Joint)are joined at the kitchen and make the best pizza (and burgers) in the city .. really .. forget Patsys ... come uptown and get a fresh mushroom/fresh tomato pie ... oh my

  6. omg, reading these comments I'm getting hungry, and it's only 9:30! Fresh mushroom/tomato pie? Broccoli pizza? Sign me up.

  7. The invasion of pizza is everywhere, here too, every crook of any building. Nails parlours are getting very popular too...never had mine done, must be quite fun I can only imagine, but who need pretty nails only to fight with weeds later haha!!

  8. Like the look of that pizza place.
    I shall be at Holiday Inn in midtown (440West 57th) from the afternoon of the 6th May to the morning of 8th May. It draws near.
    Hope you are enjoying your dog - the hardest part of a holiday is leaving the dog behind!

  9. Pizza and nails. What else could you ever want? teehee

    Now I'm headed over to click on that little link that said something about Buster's Blog!

  10. oh yes, getting your nails done and then heading off to have a pizza... mmmm... sounds like a perfect Saturday afternoon for me!

  11. I like the glimpses of NY that I get from reading your blog :)

  12. mmmmm pizza - even though we live in the sticks, we have two pizza places that are really good - actually one of them is exceptional......

  13. Mmmm pizza and nail shops. Two of my favorites!

  14. I enjoyed this "slice" of NY street life. Thanks!


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