Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bagels and Oranges

Bagels and cream cheese. The ideal New York lunch on a dreary, wet day.
The Brooklyn Bagel Company on 23rd Street has enormous bagels.
They are hot and delicious.
You can slice them into three bits.

The shop is fairly new and all the people who work there are cheerful. 
To my mind, the best bagels in Chelsea.

Can you guess I like lox (smoked salmon), or lox spread?
 Just add a squeeze of lemon juice and coarsely ground black pepper. 

Walking home, my mind full of salmon -- to make a contrast with the weather --I spy
 the meter-maid's raincoat...

and the bin with the give away paper.
Headline: Urban gardens grow
fed by lean economy.
Sounds good to me.


  1. yes to yummy bagels with salmon...!
    here traditional breakfast is toasted bread with tomato purée and olive oil..I would gladly switch

  2. This post is enough to make me want to return to the city today! Love the visuals going on here.

  3. H&H Bagel .. the BEST bagel in the world .. and next time you have bagel/lox skip the lemon/pepper, this is not Gravlox, its not salmon .. this is LOX! And if its not belly lox (which is salty and devine) you must get some hot sauce and splash a little on it...

  4. Nothing like a NY bagel and a smeer! Add the lox..you are in pure heaven!

  5. I was down in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and I went into a bagel shop. I asked for some Nova. They couldn't understand me, so I said salmon. The girl behind the counter said, "Eww!" and pointed me to a fish store. I think we were both confused. Lovely photos!

  6. love the colorful post,hope you enjoyed your bagel....Barb

  7. That looks awfully delicious! Thanks for your visit! That sweet character in my header is my Australian daughter's puppy Milo. He is a funny little thing. He knows that everybody loves him and he in turn loves everybody.

  8. Lox and bagels - yum. A real New York breakfast. It's been years since I've had lox and bagels, though we can get them here too.

    Love all the brilliant orange!

  9. We have a baglery here- I reckon they are the best in the world..and since we live in the land of salmon there is an abundance of lox, slamon spread- slamon everything. A good lunch will cost about $2.50!
    Love your orange shots by the way.Happy colour!

  10. Mmm I love smoked salmon and cheese bagels. It's so nice to have smiling staff too. That orange is amazingly vibrant.

  11. Orange is such a cheerful color. I think it's bizarre that they dress inmates in orange. Or maybe it's really smart. What do you think?

    Bagels and cream cheese and lox? Yum!! Oh you're making me hungry and trust me, there is no such thing as a real bagel in DC. Dang, man.

  12. Love all of the photos, especially the orange meter maid.

    It did make me hungry, so I guess I had better find some lunch.

  13. You're making me So hungry for a bagel I can't stand it! I recently discovered your blog - Love the little trips to NYC you take me on.

  14. Oh, this looks heavenly! Stop it. You are making me so-o-o-o hungry!!!

  15. Great photos, those mega size bagels can only exist in the US! I love the orange spotting game.

  16. Love bagels, love New York, love your blog.
    Thanks for finding my book blog and inviting me over to yours. My favourite library of all time is the New York Public Library!!!

  17. salmon is one of my favorite foods and colors.

    : )

  18. Those bagels look delectable - I can just taste them with a bit of crunch on the outside. Mmmmm.
    I love the brilliant rain-slicker on the meter man.


  19. I love all of this juicy orange, E.

    We are eating lots of bagels in Texas. (a food that we miss when mired in the English countryside)

    Doing lots of genealogical research and thinking of you! xx
    (There are dozens of Elizabeths in my family tree. It seems to be the middle name of choice.)

  20. Hi - I came via Willow's blog. Those bagels look mouth-watering. Unfortunately I have never found bagels that were anything like those found in New York. Lucky lady!

  21. Ah...food! too yummy and thanks to you now, there goes my diet for the next 2 hours hehe :D

  22. i like the headline but how can a bagel from a place run by cheerful workers be a good ny bagel? i must taste it to believe it!

  23. I love bagels, lox and cream. Maybe we can have that when we get together. ;-)


  24. Nobody makes bagels like New York makes bagels. I fully admit-- I'm a bagel snob! ;-)


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