Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Meme

What are your current obsessions?
Taking photos of textures of walls. Scanning

A wall in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
Black pants from Eileen Fisher.
What's for dinner?
Leftover chilli with avocado, leftover Shepherd's Pie. Both home made. Take your pick.
Last thing you bought?
Dill pickles, arugala. What a thrilling life I lead.

What are you listening to?
Wind batting against building, swish of cars, birds tweeting.
Say something to the person who tagged you.
Hey Judy, hope you get back to Morocco soon so you can take some more amazing photos. 

Favorite vacation spots.
Seaview, Isle of Wight, England. Sag Harbor, New York. Florence.
Reading right now?
The Crowded Street by Winifred Holtby. Persephone Books  Written in 1924.
4 words to describe yourself.
Cheerful (mostly), bookish (often), lazy (sometimes), patient (mostly).

Guilty pleasure.
On line solitaire.

First spring thing?
Biking along the Hudson River bikepath. Already tried. Too cold.
Planning to travel to next?
Nowhere. Want to stay at home.
Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Doughnut at Neue Galerie. Absurdly overpriced.
What spring flower are you most anxious to see?
Lilac and peonies.
Care to share some wisdom?
Haha. Me?
 Avoid cellphones and I-pods.
Listen to those around you.
Here endeth the lesson.

Rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog.
 Replace one question. Add one question. (I didn't do this as brain gave up.)
 Tag 8 people. I suppose it could be 2 or a hundred....

I would like to tag the following cool bloggers, but please, please don't bother if this will bore you.....!


  1. I have two copies of VIRGINIA WOOLF, A Critical Memoir, by Winifred Holtby, if you would like one?!

  2. I love reading memes but I have so gone off doing them. It was lovely to find out more about you though

  3. Your series of photos were perfectly soothing. And I did really enjoy learning a little more about you.

  4. I've been up for several hours and I'm about to head out to a brunch. I truly hope there are some donuts (and I don't care if they are overpriced at this point - my stomach is complaining!).

    Great pictures and fun to learn more about you. Your favorite vacation spots sound fantastic!

  5. This was fun, Elizabeth! The tapestry of your photos and answers were delightful. Boring? Never! I'm game! :D

  6. love your textures. & Elizabeth your life is anything but boring!

  7. Bravely done. I'm with you on the textures of walls, that wall lion is fantastic!!!!

  8. Not a boring meme at all! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love these glimpses into people's lives! Sharing is a good thing....

  10. Hey there, Elizabeth! Looks like you and I like similar things - chili or shepherd's pie being standard fare 'round my place. And the scent of lilacs is my favourite - mmm! We should go biking together along the Hudson River bikepath later this spring, early summer. That would be fun!

  11. Beautiful thoughts and photographs... It is so nice to meet you! I especially love the tiled pool with the rim of tiny stones... Roxanne

  12. LOVE the new header shot .. did you see the one I took of it after a snow fall?

  13. I spent the day in Manhattan yesterday, so was happy to find this blog today (through Willow). Love what you have going on here. NY was beautiful yesterday, as always. Even the morning rain added a city drama.

  14. I enjoyed reading your responses to this meme. I'll try to get to it soon.


  15. Hey Elizabeth - the meme looks fun - will give it a shot next week! - really enjoyed reading your answers, but even better, I love each of these photos and your new header!

  16. I love what you wrote you were listeining to. You're right, it is a light and delightful meme.

    I loved the pic of the pool or fountain with the steps.. did I miss seeing where that is from?

  17. Nice self interview Elizabeth and I enjoyed learning a little more about you. Hope to meet you face to face soon, but afraid I'll baffle you with my Brooklyn accent.

  18. Delightful as always, Elizsabeth! :-) May I wish your rain away and send you a little sun from my secret garden (not mine, and secret only to those who don't live around the paradisal city block our apartment building is built around)?
    The birds here are having a little siesta, after all they have been chirping and singing since way before the sun rose.

  19. A fascinating read! Boring your are NOT!

  20. wonderful Elizabeth! - as is everything over here - finally commenting after much lurking - your new pup is just deliciously adorable - you are lucky to have each other - sending you very much love - I have been very quiet of late - now getting out again and that feels so good...

    xox - eb.

  21. for some reason your pickles and arugula line kills me. this is great!


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