Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preston Trombly at the National Arts Club

Preston Trombly with his recent piece Flow- Blue 2009
at the National Arts Club, a stunning example of old New York
in Gramercy Park. It would not be a great hardship
 for me to live in Gramercy Park.  Others share this view.

Like E.A.P above, flanked by T.R  and Woodrow Wilson......

Some enchanting nymphs in the hall.....


.... and a stolid burgher whose name escapes me.

There are even spring flowers.

The 18th Annual Roundtable Exhibition continues until April 17th. 10 am- 5pm
Greg and Marquis Galleries
The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South (E.20th St.)

Buster's blog here


  1. I used to live in Gramercy Park. It is beautiful. Our building shared a key to the park & the rest of the building barely used it which was good for us I guess, though I always found that odd.
    Lovely pics Elizabeth.

  2. Nice portraits! Preston looks so nice.

    I love the word "stolid."

    Is it raining in NYC. It's a nice rainy day here today.

  3. What's in a dream?
    At least there are some building open to the public! :-)

  4. Ah Gramercy Park is just a lovely place to live and visit .. friends once lived directly across from the park and even tho we couldnt go inside we did love to peek through the gates

  5. I live right there on 19th! I walk by this Art Club almost every day but never went in. Now I'm thinking I should. Thanks for sharing this :)

  6. Looks like a lovely exhibition. I've passed by the Arts Club several times but never been inside.


  7. a beautiful world away! thank-you! xxx j

  8. Wow!!!amazing sculpture. I like the way the white flowers echo the white art. The pastels of Roosevelt and Wilson behind Poe were also supurb.

  9. Gramercy Park sounds a lovely place! I would like to know NY!

  10. More lovely art! And I hope you had some lovely cake, as well!

  11. That looks like a great place to look around. I enjoyed your photo immensely.

  12. New York Nymphs!
    Delightful and smelling of olde money...Aloha

  13. These are wonderful photo's! Thanks for the tour.

  14. Looks like an interesting exhibition. Unfortunately I'll not be able to attend :(

    Off to see what Buster is up to now :)

  15. Lovely, but I like the flowers best :)


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