Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome Home

Glorious weather yesterday for bike riding along the Hudson.
Here buildings in the financial district against a blue-blue sky.

Dramatic, stunning and moderne.

So, on Saturday early evening, we were sitting minding our own business when there came loud wailings of sirens.
There are always loud wailings.
As good New Yorkers, we don't take any notice and continue watching TV.

Then, for whatever reason, R looked out of the window onto 24th Street.
Lo and behold, 17 firetrucks and smoke coming out of PennSouth. Great excitement and many rubberneckers.
No one hurt.
Therefore we can enjoy the show.

A ladder to the offending apartment. Windows smashed. Tinkle of falling glass. Billowings of smoke.
Nasty smell.
A man carrying his cat on the street. The cat was calm and did not scratch him or run away.
Everyone in a pretty good mood, all in all.


  1. Pretty pics of the blue buildings and sky and yes you know you are home when 17 fire trucks come to rescue one apartment.

  2. Wow you got some photos there Elizabeth. Glad nobody was hurt though.
    Just did another post along the river Thames by the marshes.

  3. beautiful NYC shots...thanks for visiting my blog...and it is the food that gets in the way of all good intentions.

  4. Wow...front row seats! Glad to hear no one was hurt.

    Your photos of the glass buildings against that beautiful blue sky...really stunning Elizabeth!!

  5. Good architectural shots, Elizabeth. Don't the buildings look soft and pastel next to that sky? And it's interesting to see how the firetrucks respond to the highrise emergencies in the city. Glad to hear the man and his cat are okay.

  6. Beautiful photos Elizabeth. Welcome home to you!

    I'm glad that no one was hurt during the fire . . . even the man's cat.

  7. gorgeous nyc! there is nothing quite like it!

    it's home : )

  8. Nice photos and tons of excitement, too!! What a contrast to the tranquil English countryside.

  9. I cannot wait to get back to New York City. The architecture, the roads, the everything! Welcome back, Wix!

  10. Fab photos! That's quite a scene! Glad to hear that all the commotion didn't ruin your TV viewing. You crazy New Yorkers ;D

  11. Heavens, it's another world...but quite stunning.

  12. you got some really good photos.

  13. well these are some really good pics.


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