Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ACB Wednesday N for NATURE

I've been a bit absent from Mrs.Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday -though I've often gone to visit.
Today I saw Reader Wil's super NATURE pictures so decided to be a copy cat.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yesterday we went to Long Island.
Here the old boat house of Coindre Hall.

I would be quite happy living in the middle of the harbor.

I could have an extremely small boat and tie it under a tree.

This is the same swan from yesterday - but now he's busy cleaning himself.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I think your photos are great and absolutely unique! Long Island looks very beautiful to me. And I should like there to go one day!
    Thanks for your visit and comment!

  2. Goodness that could be photos of the Helford Passage (river) in Cornwall. Very beautiful.
    Thanks for your e-mail. I haven't managed to impress with it yet!!

  3. Love the pics. I would be happy living by the harbor too. Maybe even on a boat. Maybe after the kids have all grown up and left home?

  4. Is this near Cold Spring Harbor?

    I know it only from Billy Joel's debut album, but the name sticks in the mind. It sounds so serene, just like your fine pictures.

  5. Super pics Elizabeth and oh yes there is that beautiful swan again - love you can't bend your head around like that LOL

  6. It's very pretty. I thought, when I opened your blog "That's not New York, I wonder if she's back in England..." But you are in NY. Great photos.

  7. Love the little green boat! I would like to own one myself!

  8. Wonderful photos! I love these nature shots.


  9. When you move....... to your little boat on Long Island......Can I come play my guitar and we can drink wine and dance be merry?

    It's lightly raining tonight here, quite beautiful.
    Hope you are a happy girl.
    I am.

  10. Like you, I would be quite happy living in the middle of the harbor.

  11. Your photos are grorgeous, all of them. I live in Upstate Ny (catskills). Thank you for sharing your pictures look forward to seeing more.


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