Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Everywhere

New York is an Obama town.
Perhaps because it's full of arugala eating elitists.
I think that elitist is a code word for 'educated'.
Anyway, at Union Square, that hotbed of pinko-commie unionists and the like, they do not even bother to try to sell things with the the other one's image.

At ABC Carpet, that heaven of stunning design and astronomically priced ethnic stuff, they have a whole section devoted to Obama.
The Omaba upholstery is slightly odd. The fabric design is reminiscent of old Chinese posters or rising suns or something.
Oh! I get it.......

You can get "Ban the Bomb" bumper stickers too. But what would I put them on since I don't have a car?

The baskets in the background look mighty enticing.
A thought on the debate from a washed up old peace and love activist: wouldn't it be lovely if they did spread the wealth around a bit?


  1. I agree that the upholestry (sp?) is a little much... ah, the idea of the spreading the wealth. I hope it really works! we can hope though....

  2. You could put the sticker on your bike, well it is a bit large. What's so funny about peace, love, understanding and a little more economic equality? We live in Obama country too, thank goodness ! !

  3. Yes, the upholstery is odd! And I thought the same thing, too, about it looking vintage Chinese political.

  4. I'm really fond of Obama, but I don't want him on my furniture! (Funny pictures!) Thanks for the images, because a lone bumper sticker from another expat is about all there is to see in England.

    BTW, I mailed my absentee ballot today . . . maybe it will swing the Texas vote! (;

  5. i really want to see Obama as the future president of US but yes the upholstery is a little bit too much!

    ps: thank you for your comment re Shakespeare. I haven't read "Daniel Deronda". it does sound interesting

    Have a great week end !

  6. Oh Elizabeth does it come in dressmaking fabrics. I could do something cool for my store. lol
    Hope your well.
    Sarah Rouach

  7. Dear Elisabeth, it was a pleasure to study your latest posts!

    The pictures advertising for Obama are funny indeed! The Obama design looks quite interesting but on my upholstery - no, thanks! Vintage Cinese political - LOL!!

    Thank you also for your visit in grey old Vienna! Sky is blue in the meantime and I am hoping for a beautiful autumn stroll in the surrounding hills will glowing yellow beech trees and fog!

    BTW: I DO hope they will spread the wealth a little!
    Happy weekend!

  8. I am prepared to reupholster everything I own in Obama fabric!!! I would also like to dress in it too.

  9. Hello Elizabeth, cant ignore Obama fever, its everywhere...even here, non stop news about him all the time. Over here, the Gov kept saying they'll spread the wealth..but I think they mean among themselves..haha :D Have a great weekend, hugs!!

  10. I'm with YOU, you washed up old activist. In fact, during the last election one of my son's teachers said, "Well, if you want to give all your money to crack babies..." and my sweet son said. " I do, Coach, that exactly who I want to give my money to!" Wish I were in NYC now instead of Georgia!

  11. Obama is the man! I can't wait to vote. Even though I'm not a fan of the Obama upholestry, I sure would love to see more of his image in my part of the country. Not likely...I'm one of only a handful of houses that displays an Obama sign in my front yard. Comes with the territory, I guess!

  12. Hmmm... funny how the other one never mentions where the wealth has been spreading for the last 8 years...

    Love that fabric. Wonder how it would work on curtains?? ;-)


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