Wednesday, October 1, 2008


To me, England is about landscape. On the whole a very gentle one with mists and subtle interplay of light and shadow.
It is about trees and clouds and grass.

All these pictures were taken within a span of three days and all pretty much of the same place - looking out from the garden towards the cow field and beyond that to the fields where hay had been baled, and one field where maize was still growing.

The topiaried trees show a hint of French influence and remain architectural even in winter.

Mist forms in the hollows of the land and above streams and burns off during the day.

In the morning it's mysterious, shrouding the earth.


  1. Gorgeous shots! Hope you are having fun.

  2. Elizabeth, welcome back, even if your blog is still in England. I agree about England and landscapes, and you capture it so well - very pastoral romantic. It must have hard to say goodbye to such a lovely garden and the gardeners. I'm off to walk the dog in the rain - could be England. Good luck with the jet lag.

  3. Beautiful! I'd like to see the part of England in person.

    Glad you're back! Will call over weekend.


  4. ooooh...this last one has such an unearthly quality about it. I love fog. We have quite a bit of it down here near the river in the fall and I am so looking forward to it's mysterious visits.

  5. You got some beautiful shots....with the sun turning fields to gold and the soft mist. That very last shot with the bench is very winsome. I almost expect those pointy little trees to get up and start walking about, or maybe dancing with each other in a sedate minuet!!


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