Saturday, October 11, 2008

Signs of the Times

The Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market celebrates the season.

As does a restaurant on 5th Avenue.
So, what with approaching Halloweeen and total financial meltdown, what have we to do but make merry?

I went to buy Halloween cards at the best card shop in the world where the windows were filled with interesting creatures.

For some reason, dancing seems very attractive right now. We danced to the German oompah band last Sunday upstate.
The black-clad figure enjoys herself - pity about the blue feet in front of her face.

Mr. Yellow seems cheerful in spite of the skulls.


  1. Your pix are putting me in the spirit of the season!

  2. Such cheerful & fun images for a spooky celebration! Didn't frighten this woosy scaredy-cat at all! Phew! :D

  3. The stores are going for Halloween stuff big time this year here. I knew it would come over from the US eventually.

  4. Unless I have got the plot totally wrong, tomorrow should see the annual Spanish Columbus Day parade moving up Fifth Avenue with beautiful costumes and fantastic music. I hope to get to that side of time in time to see the contingent from Brazil (alpha order for countries rules.)

    I'll take my camera, hoping you will too.


  5. this is really cheerful.

  6. Here in Australia we know about Halloween and some cheeky children may try knocking on doors, but it really passes unnoticed. I'm not really sorry as Christmas is creeping up on us, and that will be excitement enough!

  7. well these are some really fun and good images


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