Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mental Indigestion

The difference between the eye and the camera is that the latter is a machine.
We don't get thrown for quite such a loop by reflections in real life since our brain only processes one thing at the time - thank goodness.

On the corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd Street, a pretty awful welfare hotel is being refurbished as the swanky 'Gem'.
Two thoughts: where are the poor denziens of the Allerton being shipped off to?
Is this the right moment to open a new hotel?
This is a view into the window of the florist where the two bold black cats live.

Not sure what will be in this spacious retail space. We have about a zillion nail parlors and drug stores already.
Nice bright sunny day for photos. The Empire State Building is flying through the air in the upper right.

I like the colors of building materials.

It's lucky one can't think of more than one thing at a time.
Economic down turn.
S.Palin's shopping.
It's enough to make one's head spin.


  1. Maybe she was trying to stimulate the economy, singlehanded.....Yes, it is absolutely amazing.

  2. Your opening photo is gorgeous! I would make a stunning poster.

    What is blogger doing with the comments? Some of the formats have changed and some haven't. Odd. Maybe a Halloween bug!

  3. Some sort of problem today with posting comments.
    Is anyone else out there experiencing this?
    Also the format seems to have changed!
    I'm usual.

  4. Stunning photos. I love the idea of taking pictures of the reflections!

    The comment thing is weird. I had to go in and change my settings to make it go back.

  5. Oh yay-- you set the comments back to the old way! I don't know what Blogger was trying to do...

    I always wondered about all those nail salons. They reproduce around here, too. How many nails are there to be done?? Wonder if S.P.'s nails match her lipstick... ;-O

  6. Excellent photos Elizabeth - love the reflections - especially in the first one.
    Blogger changed the comment format on the 22nd. Commenting below the post will now be the new default - luckily it can be changed back to the original :)

  7. ...intersting, the reflections on the glass...almost like a collage!
    visual delights dear...

  8. I'm not much of a photographer, (unlike talented you), but it is always fascinating to end up with something that was not quite what "you" saw . . . especially if it yields surprised or unexpected beauties.

    My English mother-in-law called last night -- and wanted to talk about Sarah Palin's wardrobe, as reported in the Daily Mail! My MIL knows almost nothing about Palin -- (but believe me, my husband was filling her in) -- but she knows about her clothing costs! It is amusing and disturbing in equal measure.

  9. The mind boggles.

    Love the reflective photos/ponderings.

    Yes...Blogger has been acting wacky for two days now...

  10. good analogy: sara palin gets refurbished/welfare hotel in chelsea gets refurbished...what was that putting lipstick on a pig hubbub about again?

  11. Excellent photos and goods reflections about each one.

    It's really wonderfull finding differents blogs as yours.

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. I love the reflection photos! I'm not having problems other than blogger seems slow today.

    Sarah Palin's politics, lack of experience and city bashing worry me more than her wardrobe. I blame the Republican Party for the gross spending on clothes in hard times, but I have to say they did pick her a nice suit for the debate. Maybe we were better off before TV.

  13. I love that first one. I did try to comment last night but blogger wouldn't oblige!

  14. These reflection photos are so interesting! Yes, how nice that our minds can discern the differences . . . sometimes.

  15. When my head is spinning it helps to look at beautiful photographs such as these. That pink orchid is just the ticket!


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